Web Source Web Design Tips - Close A window With A Button or Link

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Place either code where you would likerepparttar button or link to appear.

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Your Web Site - Do It Yourself? or Get Serious!

Written by Mike Jones

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After a couple of weeksrepparttar new site was ready for my first appraisal. With great curiosity I opened it up. First impression? Nice!

The colors of blue and grey were just right for complementingrepparttar 134686 site theme of goal achievement and personal development. Serious and business-like - that's repparttar 134687 effect I wanted.

The menu system and categorization were brilliant. It made navigation so easy and piqued a visitor's interest to investigate further from any page. Instead ofrepparttar 134688 previous mish mash of doorway pages, ads and serious articles mixed into an undefinable soup, there was now purpose and order torepparttar 134689 site.

Now began an intensive period of communication with Micah as we worked together onrepparttar 134690 small details. His input was invaluable.

Out went some 'cheesy' looking bullet graphics to be replaced by plain but professional list items.

The body text color was changed to black.

A small paragraph introduction was added torepparttar 134691 top of each category section.

The color and formatting ofrepparttar 134692 hyperlinks and article boxes was fine tuned.

Atrepparttar 134693 end ofrepparttar 134694 day do I miss my very own do it yourself web site? Quite honestly NO. I now have a professional web site I am pleased with and one which is now set up to accomplish my business goals.

Have I got any results to boast about yet? Yes. My visitors' behavior has changed radically. The tracking records show visitors are now hitting an average of 4 pages per visit as opposed to 1 before. The navigation system with categories has made sure of that.

If you've got a minute, just take a look for yourself and make your own appraisal. http://www.vitalstop.com/index.htm.

What is my recommendation? Do it yourself web site design is good to a point. It may satisfy your desire to get underrepparttar 134695 hood and tinker withrepparttar 134696 engine. It can give you a working knowledge so you can fine tune things later. But quite honestly you can save yourself days and weeks of sweat, frustration and grief. It took me about six months to learn this lesson. You can learn it in five minutes from reading this article.

THE LESSON: If you want to get a professional web site up and running quickly which will be a spring board for your business, do yourself a favor - Getrepparttar 134697 help of a web site designer and GET SERIOUS!


99% of responses to this article so far related torepparttar 134698 experience and agreed withrepparttar 134699 conclusion.

One reader however related her nightmare experience after employing a so-called professional web site designer. In her own words, "The design that was presented to me looked like repparttar 134700 work of a 5 year old." She is now attempting to get her money back.

If you decide to use a professional web site design service, check it out first!

Mike's web site at VitalStop.com is a great information resource for Internet Business, Communication Skills, Computer Proficiency, Creative Thinking, Goal Achievement, Image Building, Power Vocabulary, Speed Learning and Time Management. Receive a monthly notice of new content by sending a blank email here: mailto:highachievers-subscribe@egroups.com

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