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Written by Shelley Lowery

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Prophesying Profit in CyberSpace . . .

Written by Philippa Gamse

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Incorporaterepparttar questions that are most frequently asked duringrepparttar 134701 buying process, perhaps in an online survey that can be e-mailed to you as a lead.

5. Do you want "hits", or qualified leads?

Decide whether you want as much traffic and as many responses as possible from your site, or whether you would prefer only to hear from serious buyers. A nonprofit organization might want many people to see its message, but most businesses have a specific focus.

If you decide to qualifyrepparttar 134702 responses that you get fromrepparttar 134703 site, how will you do this?

6. Do you have a promotion plan and budget?

Evenrepparttar 134704 best designed Web sites need effective online marketing to generate traffic. You will need a strategy to position your site as well as possible inrepparttar 134705 Internet search engines and directories.

There are also many ways to promote your site "Beyondrepparttar 134706 Search Engines" - a tipsheet of ideas for doing this can be requested at http://www.CyberSpeaker.com/

Remember that marketing your Web site is an ongoing activity, and allocate time and resources to this.

7. How will you measure your success?

If you have made decisions on all these issues, you will need a way to evaluaterepparttar 134707 results of your site againstrepparttar 134708 goals and outcomes that you set.

Your traffic analysis reports can provide really valuable information about your visitors. This can be used to improve your Web site, and your marketing (both online and offline).

The reports will tell you how many users come to your site, which search engines and keywords they are using to find you, which pages of your site arerepparttar 134709 most popular, and which are rarely accessed. So, think before you leap, and may your business prosper in Cyberspace!

Philippa Gamse, CyberSpeaker, is an internationally recognized e-business strategist. Check out her free tipsheet "Beyond the Search Engines" for 17 ideas to promote your Website: http://www.CyberSpeaker.com/tipsheet.html Philippa can be reached at (831) 465-0317 or mailto:pgamse@CyberSpeaker.com

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