Web Site Management: Statistics

Written by Richard Lowe

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If you are being hosted on one ofrepparttar many commercial or free sites, it's certain that they have a statistics package of one sort or another available.

But perhaps you're wondering why you need this data? What's it really for? Well, let's say you have written a site to sell stamps. You have four pages torepparttar 131974 site. You look atrepparttar 131975 hit counter and see 400 people visited it yesterday, but only 3 of them bothered to visit your page to see what they could purchase. In addition, you also see that there were no visitors from yahoo.com and only a few from other search engines.

Now you have some things that you can do. You can come up with a better design to get your users torepparttar 131976 page where they purchase stamps. You can see if your site is listed with yahoo.com and if not, fix it. And you can checkrepparttar 131977 rankings with other search engines and fix what's going on there.

Another statistic might be monitor size. Let's say you designed your site for 1024X768 resolution. You look at your statistics and you find that 80% ofrepparttar 131978 visitors have 800X600 screens. Additionally, you see that there were few hits onrepparttar 131979 inner pages on your site. In this case, you might conclude your visitors are being turned off because your site does not fit on their screen. A redesign might be appropriate.

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Has your site been crash tested?

Written by Robin Porter

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So, always:

1)Test everything works regularly.

2)Test everything works after making any changes, however small.

3)Test all downloads thoroughly. Things can happen that you may not ever know about problems with your ISP’s server, data corruptions etc.

4)Run dummy orders to check your shopping cart and credit card processing systems work (these rely on third party companies, so you may not know if they develop problems their end).

5)Checkrepparttar load time of your site, over a normal phone line. You may have a high speed connection, but most people are still connected via regular phone lines. They will go elsewhere if it takes 30 seconds to load your homepage.

6)Check allrepparttar 131972 above, on as many different combinations of computer and browser as you can. Does it look and function as it should.

7)Encourage your customers to report faults –and reward them!

There’s so much choice out there, so don’t give visitors an excuse to go elsewhere – make sure everything about your site works –test it to destruction!

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