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Written by Steve Wood

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Now, whenever anyone viewsrepparttar pages containing those directives,repparttar 131997 server will placerepparttar 131998 contents ofrepparttar 131999 text files inrepparttar 132000 appropriate place andrepparttar 132001 viewer will seerepparttar 132002 header and footer. Whenever a change is needed withinrepparttar 132003 header or footer, only ONE file needs to be edited,repparttar 132004 text file. All ofrepparttar 132005 pages using that file will be "automatically" updated. Changingrepparttar 132006 copyright date or address or phone number on every page of your web site will now take only 30 seconds because only one file has to be edited!

The easiest way to do this is to create a web page with everything you'd like to have on it. Those parts that will recur on every other page are where you will use SSI. All you have to do is "cut & paste" all ofrepparttar 132007 html that will be used on each page, pasting it into a text file. Where you "cut"repparttar 132008 html, replace it withrepparttar 132009 directive, such as:

Dorepparttar 132010 same thing forrepparttar 132011 footer, if needed. Saverepparttar 132012 HTML files using SSI withrepparttar 132013 extension ".shtml". Also, depending on how your server is set up with your host, you may have to make surerepparttar 132014 text file is inrepparttar 132015 same directory asrepparttar 132016 .shtml file.

This also makesrepparttar 132017 initial design and development of web sites go much smoother. You can now have a "template" for each page usingrepparttar 132018 header and footer directive, then simply addrepparttar 132019 content in between for each page.

I guarantee that this little trick will save you hours and hours of tedious work. As I stated atrepparttar 132020 beginning, if you've been through these "simple" edits before, you will need very little convincing!

Steve Wood provides web site design and hosting for small businesses. Visit Wood Interactive at http://www.personalkey.com and request a FREE analysis of your web site. Questions pertaining to the use of SSI as described in the above article can be directed to: mailto:steve@personalkey.com.


Written by Terri Seymour

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*Provide Free Services Such as Free Classifieds on Your Site or in Your Ezine. This is a great way for beginners or people on a tight budget to get in some advertising.

*Put a Message Board on Your Site or Start an Email Discussion List. This gives people a way to actually "talk" to other people who have been in their shoes and have learned by experience. You can share your knowledge and experience and help others inrepparttar process.

*Do Ad Swaps with Other Publishers (even if they do not have as many subscribers) I have had only one publisher turn me down for a swap because I did not have enough subscribers. I do not believe in this. Besides helping outrepparttar 131995 new publisher, you could possibly gain more subs than from a bigger ezine.

When doing business onrepparttar 131996 net, you must not forget that there are people onrepparttar 131997 other end of your screen and you cannot lose that person to person contact that we need to succeed. And not only are you helping others in their business, but you are building a reputation for you and your business! So in closing, I would like to thank all publishers and webmasters who provide some or all of these services. There are many of us who are very grateful

Terri Seymour owns and operates MyOwnEzine.com MyOwnEzine.com is a website, ezine and service which provides the resources, tools, guidance and more to help you start, publish and promote your own ezine. You can contact Terri at mailto:ter02@newnorth.net Subscribe at mailto:subscribe@myownezine.com or visit http://www.myownezine.com for lots more info.

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