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Written by Richard Lowe

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Publish A Newsletter

I firmly believe that all webmasters who maintain sites of any significance (a reasonable amount of content) should regularly publish a newsletter. This allows interested visitors to be updated on events and new materials published onrepparttar site, and givesrepparttar 132008 webmaster a method for communicating with his audience at will.

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Stay Up-to-Date

All webmasters need to stay up-to-date on new technologies which they can use to improve their web site. In addition, getting certified, joining organizations, continuing their education and attending conventions is essential to staying current and active.

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Review Your Site

Occasionally review your site. When you look over a page, check your grammar, spelling and accuracy. Remember that as time progresses your articles may become stale, so be sure and recheck your conclusions and facts. What may have been true when you wroterepparttar 132009 article last year is not necessarily true or important anymore.

Check Your Site's Security

Learn as much as you can about web site security, and ensure that, torepparttar 132010 best of your abilities and knowledge, that your site is secure. This ensures that your customers (if any) and visitors information remains confidential and safe. It also protects you and your web host from harm.

Protect Your Visitor's Privacy

Post a privacy policy and adhere to it without exception. Review your practices occasionally against your policy to ensure you are following it torepparttar 132011 letter.

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Don't Be a Browse and Run Victim

Written by Robert Olson

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since arrival,repparttar visitor heads forrepparttar 132006 order page. Hererepparttar 132007 visitor found many secure ordering options, makingrepparttar 132008 purchase quick and simple.... and happily, after makingrepparttar 132009 purchase,repparttar 132010 buyer surfs on. Within a few minutes, this buyer receives a confirmation email giving assurance thatrepparttar 132011 purchase would arrive shortly or giving download instructions. Have you ever clicked on a link for a particular item and found a maze? Sometimes, you never findrepparttar 132012 actual item that was advertisied and this is a real mistake. If you are advertising High Flying Golf Balls, take me straight to that page. Hit me with a powerful headline then pour outrepparttar 132013 benefits. Continue pouring out those benefits until you make me want to go out and hit those balls right now! Now, if I am interested, I will click on a link and check out your company. Don't tell me all about your company fromrepparttar 132014 moment I arrive.... that's not what I came for! Tell me about what I came for and there is a much better chance that I will buy from you! It may take a little more work to make content rich pages for various products and services butrepparttar 132015 benefits are great. They make great doorway pages that can give excellent search engine rankings.... plus your visitors can go straight to what they came for! Remember that these have to be sales pages. This means that you have to have them filled with professional sales material. If this isn't part of your expertise, you have a choice to make. Either you learn to write hard hitting sales material or you need to hire a professional! If you have to, make a few changes to your website. Let your ads direct your visitors right to what they want to find and if you will make sure there is hard hitting sales copy on these pages, you won't have to worry about being a Browse and Run Victim anymore.

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