Web Site Hosting Plan - Key Elements

Written by Brian Thorn

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The amount of disk space that will be allotted to your web site is another ofrepparttar key elements in a good web host package. While it might seem that 30 megabytes is plenty of room,repparttar 143686 potential for growth of your company means that you could easily need more space later. If you choose a web hosting provider that simply can't offer more space, you might find that your growth will be severely limited.

Other issues that can be key elements in a good web host package includerepparttar 143687 bandwidth, security and speed. Finding a company that providesrepparttar 143688 best of all these features is likely to be a daunting task, but it is possible.

Price is naturally a key element in a good web host package as well. Prices generally vary only by a few dollars per month andrepparttar 143689 difference between paying $6.95 per month and $9.95 per month is not likely to play a significant role inrepparttar 143690 final choice. Ifrepparttar 143691 less expensive service provider doesn't fulfill your needs, you'll certainly face significant expense and trouble rectifyingrepparttar 143692 situation later.

Inrepparttar 143693 end, deciding which arerepparttar 143694 key elements in a good web host package will be up to you. If you need large storage space, that becomes an important element. If your needs include larger-than-normal space requirements, that becomes one ofrepparttar 143695 most important elements in a good web host package. The true test of a good web host package is answered with one easy question: "Will this provider adequately meet my needs at a competitive price?"

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UNIX vs. Windows- What server operating system should you use for your web hosting?

Written by Tim Shaw

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Bare in mind that if you choose a Windows-based web server (this does not apply to hosting accounts asrepparttar host should take care of it for you) you will need to updaterepparttar 143252 software with patches from Microsoft's web site almost weekly to prevent your site from being exploited. UNIX administrators will only have to do so monthly or so as UNIX is more secure by nature, and needs fewer patches and software updates.

Unix operating systems are generallyrepparttar 143253 preferred operating system, however, inrepparttar 143254 end, if you do everything correctly, a UNIX hosted web site and a Windows hosted web site will function somewhat equally, and both should make you happy. Be sure to keep operating costs and maintained in mind when making your decision and you won't regret it.

Tim Shaw is director of Big Wow Web Hosting (www.bigwowwebhosting.com), a cheap and reliable web host. He has written several books and ebooks on web hosting, and has had many years experience in computers, the web and web hosting.

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