Web Site Design: Things You Should Avoid

Written by Gunter Gerdenitsch

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There are many companies specialized in helping you to make your web site look more professionally. Some of them are even quite generous about their free advice, e.g. WebSource.com (E:Downloadweb-source.com ).

Screen Resolution:

When you design your web site locally, you will usually do it atrepparttar same screen resolution you have set your computer to as you use it for all other applications. When you are finished, it looks "perfect". Amateurish web designers would feel great now, and upload their stuff right away.

Yet, professional web site designers will deliberately transfer their design to any other browsers with different screen resolution or even to another computer with a different operating system. And, usually, they will be in for a shock: What was looking "perfect" initially, might be garbled now or hard to read.

The reason is, a HTML code is no "hard copy" (like e.g. a poster printed on paper). Instead,repparttar 134773 browser "paints"repparttar 134774 copy described in htm-code differently every time, according torepparttar 134775 available space. (Convince yourself: Display any .htm-file in your browser, but this time don't maximizerepparttar 134776 browser's window but set it to variable size. When you dragrepparttar 134777 window, say, atrepparttar 134778 lower right corner - you will see howrepparttar 134779 words and images move around. Up to a point perhaps at which you loserepparttar 134780 context when reading them!)

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Web Design for the No-Talent Artist

Written by Jeff Clark

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If you aren't a whiz with HTML, consider a WYSIWYG layout editor. The editor will allow you to move your creation from your mind torepparttar screen. If you do know something about programming andrepparttar 134772 modern constructs of web page design, consider building your site with external, included files. One ofrepparttar 134773 most important tenets of good web design is a consistent look and feel, especiallyrepparttar 134774 navigation. The navigation should look and operaterepparttar 134775 same on every page within your site. It gives your guests a feeling of comfort.

If you construct your navigation within an external file that is included at page load, you can save yourself tons of repetitive effort. If you want to add a new section, instead of having to change hundreds of pages, you merely changerepparttar 134776 included file and you've added more functionality. There are probably other pieces of your site that will appear on every page. If so, put them in external files. You'll be glad you did. Read up on server side includes and ASP (Active Server Pages) too. Photographs Are Our Friends

Forrepparttar 134777 no-talent artists like me, photography becomesrepparttar 134778 ultimate substitute for computer generated art. Buy yourself a digital camera, or a scanner. If you need a graphic that looks like a pumpkin patch, take a picture of one. Want to create that perfect background scene to setrepparttar 134779 mood? No better realization thanrepparttar 134780 actual thing. Props in photography can serve an equally compelling purpose as that omni-filtered vector you spent days developing. If you don't haverepparttar 134781 money or inclination to do digital photography yourself, there are plenty of stock catalogs available for a reasonable fee.

In summary, why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be? If you get scared off byrepparttar 134782 marvelous professional artists out there, you'll never give yourself a chance. Many ofrepparttar 134783 most enjoyable sites onrepparttar 134784 web were created byrepparttar 134785 other twenty people who sat in that art class admiringrepparttar 134786 work of Willie.

Jeff Clark is webmaster of Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity (http://internetbrothers.com), a web site devoted to helping newcomers compete on the Internet. Offering free tips, tutorials, and interviews about HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, page layout and design, digital photography, desktop publishing, and site promotion.

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