Web Site Design: How To Get Around

Written by Richard Lowe

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Navigation should tell your visitors where they are - The best navigation systems not only allow visitors to get around a site, they inform them as to their location withinrepparttar site. Just look at how Yahoo works as you will see. Atrepparttar 134626 top of each page your location is shown like so: "Home > Arts > Art History >", which tellsrepparttar 134627 visitor he's looking at "Art History" inrepparttar 134628 directory "Art" underrepparttar 134629 "Home" directory. He can click on any of these to go higher inrepparttar 134630 list at any time.

Some pages should be referenced on every page of your site - You should have a "Home" button on every single page. It's also wise to include a way to signrepparttar 134631 guestbook and contactrepparttar 134632 webmaster on every page as well. I also like to include a link torepparttar 134633 privacy policy, copyright notice and legal information atrepparttar 134634 bottom of every page.

Avoid fancy navigation systems - I preferrepparttar 134635 Yahoo approach of straight HTML links myself, and I tend to surf longer on sites which include these kinds of navigation systems. JavaScript and Java menus look very good but if your visitors surf with these features disabled they will not have access to your menus. And givenrepparttar 134636 security scares lately, many people are turning these features off or limiting their use.

Avoid ActiveX and VBScript altogether - I love ActiveX and VBScript on an intranet. This is because on an intranet it is possible to guarantee that everyone who will accessrepparttar 134637 site uses Internet Explorer. However, you cannot ensure this onrepparttar 134638 web, so my recommendation is to avoid these entirely. In addition,repparttar 134639 security scheme of ActiveX is so weak that it's common for many people, especially corporate sites, to completely disallow ActiveX controls downloaded fromrepparttar 134640 internet. (Why is ActiveX security weak? Because it depends uponrepparttar 134641 user to make a decision as torepparttar 134642 security ofrepparttar 134643 ActiveX control. I know that when I am presented with a box saying "do I trust xyz control?", I don't usually have any idea. How would I know ifrepparttar 134644 code is trustworthy? My tendency is to just say no.)

To sum it all up, if you want your visitors to explore your site, then you have to make it easy for them. The easier and more straightforward you make your navigation,repparttar 134645 deeper people will tend to surf.

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LET YOUR WEBSITE DO YOUR TALKING - How To Convert Your Voice To RealAudio On The Fly!

Written by Maria L. Schasteen

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To save your "message" permanently is as easy as assigning a 3-digit file ID number; then press save.

3. Now place a short HTML code onto your website. The HTML code featuresrepparttar 3-digit file ID number of your "message".

That's it! Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Call and leave a message. Save that message. Place a link onto your website.

Who can use a live message on his/her website?


* Fromrepparttar 134625 soft-whisperings-of-seduction sites torepparttar 134626 profound mission statement of a CEO.

* From a network marketer featuring real life testimonials, to a company selling "singing bowls".

* From a multi-million dollar online mall to a mom and pop operation.

Here is a real life example. Visit http://www.aroma-essence.com/aroma and listen to a "story". Enterrepparttar 134627 site and clickrepparttar 134628 "My Story" button. You will find many happy customers telling their own experiences! It's a heart-warming experience.

Imagine what this could do for your sales! Shouldn't you have your own "story" on your site?

To be competitive, everybody will need this interative audio button. Every webmaster can now offer this instant service for added revenues and customer satisfaction.

Maria L. Schasteen is webmaster of http://www.worlddirect.net/esa - ONE NUMBER for home, office, fax, pager, cell phone, voicemail, email globally! To contact Maria mailto:worlddirect@worlddirect.net

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