Web Services: Revolution or Evolution?

Written by Camille Jacks

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Small Vendor/Developer public relations and marketing must then produce product and service awareness through more strategic efforts than ever before. So that ifrepparttar general public is lead to believe that all IT advancements are made exclusively byrepparttar 133562 larger vendors, which are struggling with web services development and deployment that every developer must be doingrepparttar 133563 same.

The marketing challenge then becomes how to divertrepparttar 133564 attention ofrepparttar 133565 general public fromrepparttar 133566 overtly successful marketing campaign torepparttar 133567 actual technical achievements already in play? Followed up with how these advancements actually complimentrepparttar 133568 would-be user inrepparttar 133569 newer version of supply and demand.

Meanwhile, of course,repparttar 133570 programmers ofrepparttar 133571 hour continue to develop new tools and infrastructures utilizing xml applications to accomodaterepparttar 133572 variety of any sized business (ASB) requirements.

Camille Jacks Public Relations Manager Amulet Development Corp. www.amuletc.com & www.ecriteria.net


Have a Vision in the New Information (and Technological) Age...and for YOUR LIFE (Part Two)

Written by Craig Lock

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We believe an idea, a big helping of enthusiasm, together with a great deal of time and effort in implementing it, faith in yourself and persistence (not necessarily in that order) isrepparttar key to internet marketing success. Together with developing strategic alliances with other businesses - it doesn't matter where inrepparttar 133561 world they may be located, thanks to modern technology. Amazing... but no doubt there are still many more life-changing inventions still to be invented!

Enjoyrepparttar 133562 incredible journey ofrepparttar 133563 human IMAGINATION downrepparttar 133564 "river of life".

Good luck

Craig Lock http://www.craiglock.com http://www.craiglockbooks.com

P.S: Asrepparttar 133565 ancient Chinese proverb said:

"It's a privilege to live in exciting times (like life in South Africa).


Craig's books are available at: http://www.nzenterprise.com/writer/books.html and http://www.novelty-gift.com/ebooks.html and http://www.bridgeniche.com/CLOCK/zaniestbooks.htm

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