Web Legalities: Copyright

Written by Richard Lowe

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Some examples of behaviors that are commonly believed to be allowable which are in fact illegal inrepparttar United States are:

- Taking images from newsgroups and posting them on your web site. Just because something has been copied to a newsgroup, regardless of whetherrepparttar 108207 copy was made byrepparttar 108208 copyright owner or someone else, does not mean in any form thatrepparttar 108209 copyright has been given up.

- Using articles and images from other web sites. Again, this is illegal unless explicit permission is given orrepparttar 108210 item in question is inrepparttar 108211 public domain.

- Scanning images from magazines and posting them on your fan site. This is illegal as you are making a copy (a scan) of a copyrighted image.

- Recording sound from your favorite television show and posting them to your web site. Again, not legal.

- Getting permission from someone who has made a legitimate copy ofrepparttar 108212 material. The rule is simple: you must obtain permission fromrepparttar 108213 copyright owner or their legal agents.

- Modifying an image and claiming it as your own. Copyright protects derivations of works as well.

Onrepparttar 108214 other hand,repparttar 108215 following are acceptable underrepparttar 108216 US copyright laws.

- Including a few brief quotes from a book in a review. This is acceptable under fair use laws - see http://www.internet-tips.net/Legal/fairuse.htm

- Reprinting a confirmed public domain novel on your web site (public domain isrepparttar 108217 theme of a future article in this series).

- Asking and obtaining reprint permission fromrepparttar 108218 copyright owner or a legal agent ofrepparttar 108219 copyright owner.

- Reading an article about cheese puffs and writing your own article about cheese puffs. Copyright protects creative works (writings, images, paintings, sound and so on), not ideas or concepts. You are safe as long as your work is not simplyrepparttar 108220 same asrepparttar 108221 other work withrepparttar 108222 words changed.

The best advice is simple. When in doubt, ask permission. If you are denied permission or for some reason cannot obtain it, then don't userepparttar 108223 material.

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Features vs. Benefits - The Mystery Revealed

Written by Butch Pujol

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The benefit of "no reader required" is thatrepparttar software is complete within itself. Unlike some ebook compilers that requirerepparttar 108206 ebook purchaser to download special software in order to viewrepparttar 108207 book, this feature offeredrepparttar 108208 benefit of being all-inclusive. As soon asrepparttar 108209 book was downloaded,repparttar 108210 customer could begin reading without further delays. That spoke torepparttar 108211 concern and answeredrepparttar 108212 question, "What's in it for me".

As you can probably tell by now,repparttar 108213 benefits are what make a difference to your customer. The benefits - more or less - explain whyrepparttar 108214 feature is important. This is why benefits have selling power and most features do not.

Here are a few steps you can use when working withrepparttar 108215 features vs. benefits equation:

1. Listrepparttar 108216 features of your product or service. (Catch All Email.)

2. Next, listrepparttar 108217 concerns or needs of your customers. If you don't know… ask them. (Being able to get emails even if misspellings or other mistakes occur.)

3. Next, ask yourself, "Why does this feature matter to my customer"? Write your answers onrepparttar 108218 list. (Catch all email allows you to stay in touch with your customers.)

4. Finally, take it one step further. As yourself, "What problem or concern can this feature address"? (You can know that any email sent to anyname@domainname.com will make it through to you.)

5. Write downrepparttar 108219 benefit.

By explaining your sales information in languagerepparttar 108220 customer can understand you are helping them reachrepparttar 108221 point of purchase more quickly. So,repparttar 108222 next time you create an ad, be sure to focus onrepparttar 108223 information that's important to your customers… benefits.

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