Web Legalities: Bandwidth Stealing

Written by Richard Lowe

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So not only do they "steal"repparttar image (it is probably copyrighted and they are copying it without permission each timerepparttar 132106 web site is loaded) they "steal"repparttar 132107 bandwidth!!

This is extraordinarily bad form, it's tasteless and it should be avoided likerepparttar 132108 plague.

In some extreme cases, unscrupulous "webmasters" (I userepparttar 132109 term loosely) link to large zip files on other servers to give their own visitors extra features. This often occurs with sites containing downloadable software, wallpaper and desktop themes.

DO NOT do this without permission! If you do, you are a thief and you are costing someone else money and aggravation.

What do you do if someone links to your images or files without your permission and he will not stop? Replacerepparttar 132110 file with something else. A picture or document stating that this person is stealing bandwidth should suffice. If you can getrepparttar 132111 email address or phone number ofrepparttar 132112 person, you might include it for additional impact.

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Written by Richard Lowe

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Is this legal?

Well, Gator's terms and conditions do tell you they are going to do this. And you are supposed to read them (all gazillion pages) before you downloadrepparttar program. And of course,repparttar 132104 terms and conditions are written in such a user friendly and simple way that you would certainly have no trouble completely understanding and agreeing to their tactics. (Sarcasm intentional).

I'm sure Gator would also argue that web sites do not ownrepparttar 132105 user's desktops. And after all,repparttar 132106 users did agree torepparttar 132107 terms and conditions by installing Gator, so they must want this "service", right?

I must admit I am just as guilty as everyone else, when it comes to reading terms and conditions. I mean, I just downloadedrepparttar 132108 silly thing and installed it. I did what everyone else does - I clicked throughrepparttar 132109 terms and conditions without a glance. For all I know, I could have signed away my soul.

This is a lesson we all have to learn - by clicking throughrepparttar 132110 terms and conditions we AGREE to them. By installing a program, we AGREE torepparttar 132111 terms and conditions. Sincerepparttar 132112 ONLY WAY to installrepparttar 132113 program is to click throughrepparttar 132114 screen containingrepparttar 132115 terms and conditions and clicking a button that says, "yes I read this and I understand that my soul now belongs to you and I am happy with it", well,repparttar 132116 companies are covered. Oh yes, and your soul is toast.

Are programs such as this ethical?

No. Not by any definition ofrepparttar 132117 word. This is unethical in terms thatrepparttar 132118 adult web sites have not even come close to. Programs like Gator are produced byrepparttar 132119 lowest form of pond scum - scum which is so dirty and filthy that even normal scum does not want to be associated with it. In fact, if this pond scum enters a pond, all ofrepparttar 132120 other scum will go to a different pond in a different country just so as not to sully their own names any more than they already have.

What should we do about it?

First, we all need to start reading terms and conditions. The web is based upon these poorly written, conniving and often one-sided documents. We must ALL begin to read them, understand them, and if we don't agree to them, then we must not installrepparttar 132121 program or userepparttar 132122 service.

Second, do as I have done. If you have any Spyware (programs which report your information back torepparttar 132123 home office) or Hijackware (programs like Gator), uninstall it immediately without any delay. Download Ad-Aware, run it and followrepparttar 132124 directions. This will allow you to safely remove all of this junk from your system fast.

Third, if you find out that advertisers are using Hijackware, then refuse to purchase their products. Be sure and send them an email to let them know why you are doing so. Be polite and direct.

Forth, if you likerepparttar 132125 Hijackware's functions but do not want to experience it's side effects, then look for an alternative. There are plenty of programs out there that can do what you want without being so unethical, obnoxious and downright, well, evil about it.

My final advice. Just say no. It's simple and it's easy. Don't use these kinds of programs and don't purchase from companies who use them. This isrepparttar 132126 only way that we will force this kind of scum out of business.

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