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Written by Calin Indre

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To testrepparttar quality andrepparttar 134860 responsiveness ofrepparttar 134861 support personnel, e-mail them some pre-sales questions. Isrepparttar 134862 response fact enough for you? Imagine that your web site is down and your company is just attending a congress… many clicks are expected, but is your web site online to get them? Isrepparttar 134863 response you are getting fromrepparttar 134864 support team thorough or is it merely scratchingrepparttar 134865 surface? Isrepparttar 134866 response easy to understand for you?

A provider concerned aboutrepparttar 134867 quality of his support, would make available as many as possible ways to communicate with its clients. So find out as much as you can about its online support staff, help desk, message boards etc.

Information onrepparttar 134868 reputation of a web-hosting provider is something you might find on forums or discussion boards. Any disgruntled customers there? Would you like to be one?

Reliability is another aspect ofrepparttar 134869 problem. Ask forrepparttar 134870 uptime ofrepparttar 134871 company’s web servers. Some hosts offer an uptime guarantee, usually 99.9% (100% is not a realistic figure inrepparttar 134872 computer world). The guarantee means that if your web site is not available 99.9% ofrepparttar 134873 time, you will be refundedrepparttar 134874 money for that month or you will receive free web hosting for a month as compensation for your web site being unavailable.


Well, true it’s paid web hosting and this means you have to pay for it. My advice would be don’t try too hard to findrepparttar 134875 cheapest possible web host. You will probably end-up wasting an incredible amount of time and is very likely that within two weeks after you have bought it, you will stumble upon a better deal. Apart fromrepparttar 134876 irony of it andrepparttar 134877 loss of time, cheaper is not always better.

The other extreme, paying big money to get what you could have gotten for less is equally bad. At $50 for 200 MB of space with 2 GB of bandwidth you are definitely getting robbed, butrepparttar 134878 same service for $5 or $10 is a good deal.

The thin line between a profitable and, why not, enjoyable web presence and a nightmare with slow server response, unreachable support and irritating server downtime is drawn by you. By you choosingrepparttar 134879 web-hosting provider.

Choose carefully: there can be only a few that will live up to their promises and deliver for you good quality web hosting!

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4 tips in choosing the right web hosting company.

Written by Padawan

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This varies widely between web hosting companies. Now that I have used Cpanel I wouldn't want to be without it, mainly because I am used to it and now know what features it has and how to use most of them. It's a lot easier to stick with something you know than have to try switching to a new User Interface.

Are you designing your site with Frontpage?. If so, check your host supports this, as not all do.

Another area you may want to research isrepparttar supplied statistics. What sort of web statistics software is included with your web hosting account? Is, for example, Awstats included?

4. Fees.

I'd rather pay a little more for a full feature set and reliabilty than getrepparttar 134848 cheapest deal and have problems with server downtime, bandwith issues, etc. With hosting deals you usually get a level of service that is relative torepparttar 134849 price you have paid.

Check that your prospective hosting company offers a refund service before signing up. Most quality ones do as they know they can deliver what they promise.

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