Web Hosting: 4 Factors in Choosing a Hosting Company

Written by Richard Martin

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4)Fees. I'd rather pay a little more to get allrepparttar features than fight it out with a sub par web hosting company who I can't reach if my site goes down. I've found decent web hosting for as cheap as $4 per month but generally pay around $15 per month if I want allrepparttar 134337 bells and whistles that I'll need to host a larger site. A lot of people worry about hosting fees, but I've hadrepparttar 134338 experience that I generally get what I pay for. Finally, I'd look carefully atrepparttar 134339 web hosting company's refund policy. Most offer a full refund if you aren't happy with your service. If you are paying for a full year of web hosting up front, you might want to examinerepparttar 134340 company's refund policy in detail.

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Written by Knut R. Enebakk

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