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Written by Ray Yee

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You can find free articles for reprint at: http://www.ezinearticles.com, http://www.ideamarketers.com, http://www.goarticles.com, http://www.freesticky.com, http://www.amazines.com.

If you would like to create a forum on your website, you can use this free forum software at http://www.phpbb.com. It is very easy to set up and only requires you to create a database with your web host, with some customization.

Of course, you can also go forrepparttar option of writing your own content on your website. When writing your content, remember to include your keywords evenly throughoutrepparttar 138779 content for search engine optimization purposes.

4) Good navigation. This is another strong determinant ofrepparttar 138780 success of your website. For a website to look ‘professional’, it has to be well organized into categories, andrepparttar 138781 pages must be linked to each other and torepparttar 138782 homepage. Your navigation bars must be placed consistently atrepparttar 138783 same area on every page of your website. Navigation bars are most commonly placed onrepparttar 138784 left hand side ofrepparttar 138785 page or atrepparttar 138786 top ofrepparttar 138787 page. If you have numerous different categories on your navigation, it makes sense to place them onrepparttar 138788 left ofrepparttar 138789 page. However, if you have only about five to seven options, you can place your navigation bars atrepparttar 138790 top ofrepparttar 138791 page.

Use text links for your webpages on your navigation bars instead of graphic links. One factor that search engines like Google use to determinerepparttar 138792 relevance of your webpages is byrepparttar 138793 inclusion of keywords inrepparttar 138794 text links to that page.

It is also crucial that you name your navigation accurately and descriptively. Visitors would instantly know which link to click on to find what they want. If your website is cluttered with many obscure links, visitors would feel lost and leave your site immediately.

Organize your content well so that your visitors can navigate your site easily. They should be able to find what they want withrepparttar 138795 least number of clicks possible. Research has shown that for any extra click that visitors have to take to reach their goal,repparttar 138796 number of visitors leaving your site can reach as high as 50%!

When deciding what to include in your navigation bar, first place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think about what they would be most interested in when they visit your site, and place these links nearrepparttar 138797 top ofrepparttar 138798 page. Other links, which are secondary in importance forrepparttar 138799 visitor should be placed nearerrepparttar 138800 bottom ofrepparttar 138801 page.

5) The standard pages. Like every other online business, your Drop Ship business website should also include some important pages that serverepparttar 138802 customer.

- Testimonials. This page is considered as a ‘must-have’ for many online businesses. When you displayrepparttar 138803 testimonials of other customers on your website, your credibility is established. Testimonials are like votes or ratings for your business that showsrepparttar 138804 real value of what you offer. The betterrepparttar 138805 comments from customers,repparttar 138806 better your website would appear to prospective customers. You can choose to place a separate testimonials page, or you can select a few ofrepparttar 138807 best testimonials and place them on your homepage.

- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). After you have described your benefits in detail, visitors would still have several queries about your products. It is thus useful to create an FAQ page to write downrepparttar 138808 answers to what your customers are most likely to ask. When visitors have questions, they can simply visit your FAQ page, instead of sending you their queries by email. This saves you a lot of trouble for answering individual emails. Remember that most customers are not willing to make purchases when their doubts are still unanswered.

- Contact Us. Having this page boosts your reliability as a business. Remember to include your email address, mailing address and telephone numbers on this page.

- About Us. Describe what your team and your business aims to do.

- Privacy Policy. Customers value their privacy highly onrepparttar 138809 internet. When they submit their personal information like email address or mailing address on your website, fears about privacy may arise. You thus need to include a privacy policy to reassure your customers that their personal information will not be abused or given to any other third party. Remember to place links to your privacy policy on your order pages and also your opt-in offers.

HTML editors like Macromedia Dreamweaver are useful for those unfamiliar with HTML. Dreamweaver can be found at: http://www.macromedia.com/dreamweaver.

In conclusion, whether or not your website generates sales determines heavily onrepparttar 138810 design and navigation ease. You should definitely spend more time planning on your web design and navigation well before plunging into constructing it.

*You are welcome to reprint this article as long as you includerepparttar 138811 Author’s resource box withrepparttar 138812 article.

About the Author: Ray Yee is the founder and president of Dropshipperscentral, a website which provides a wealth of informative articles, tips and resources on everything you’ll ever need to know about setting up a Drop Ship Business and marketing it. Click here for the Wholesale Drop Ship Directory from http://www.dropshipperscentral.com

The 2 Step Lead Generation Machine

Written by John Jantsch

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If your advertising is focused on gatheringrepparttar lead intorepparttar 138545 free report funnel, then your sales efforts are focused on taking that group and only that group that raised their hands and taking them torepparttar 138546 next step inrepparttar 138547 process. That may be an appointment or just a series of more advanced mailings. Byrepparttar 138548 way that’s step 2.

So let’s recap.

Create a free information product that your target market would see as a valuable read or listen.

Advertiserepparttar 138549 free report in everything you do

Capturerepparttar 138550 names and emails of those who requestrepparttar 138551 report

Follow-up on those leads

If you take this advice to heart, everything about how you market your business will change. Finding new business will become a much more rewarding and valuable experience.

A couple bonus ideas:

Once you create your free report you will find other uses for it.

Referrals – Giverepparttar 138552 report orrepparttar 138553 web page whererepparttar 138554 report is found to your referral sources and tell them to introduce you by way of your free report or newsletter. This makes it easy for them to refer you and assures that your story is told.

Cold-calling – I know, I know, you shouldn’t ever need to cold call but, if you do, do it this way. Call up those prospects on your list and instead of trying to convince them to give you 5 minutes of their time a week from Tuesday, offer themrepparttar 138555 address of your power packed free info and then shut-up. Your prospecting time will be much more productive if you can use it to turn cold calling into 2-step prospecting.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in Kansas City, Mo. He writes frequently on real world small business marketing tactics and is the creator of “Duct Tape Marketing” a turn-key small business marketing system. Check out his blogs at http://www.DuctTapeMarketing.com/weblog.php and http://www.bloggingbusiness.com

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