Web Design: Use it to Showcase the Message

Written by Nick Usborne

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"This sales message is complex, it will take some space and longer copy. We need to formatrepparttar text so that people will keep reading. We need strong subheads, some indented passages and emphasis atrepparttar 135209 following points."

Oncerepparttar 135210 writer has outlinedrepparttar 135211 needs ofrepparttar 135212 copy,repparttar 135213 designer can then focus on showcasingrepparttar 135214 key points inrepparttar 135215 message, givingrepparttar 135216 correct emphasis torepparttar 135217 various headings, subheads, body text and links.

The designer's job here isn't to makerepparttar 135218 page "pretty", it is to deliverrepparttar 135219 message withrepparttar 135220 right emphasis, and with each point inrepparttar 135221 correct sequence.

>> How does a designer know what to do?

In some senses, this is new ground for designers online. Until now, too much emphasis has been places on design for its own sake, instead of using it to supportrepparttar 135222 copy on a site's pages.

If a designer wants to know how this works, he or she should go sit next to a direct marketing designer/copywriter team while they work.

See howrepparttar 135223 team communicates. See howrepparttar 135224 designer listens torepparttar 135225 writer and places a great deal of emphasis onrepparttar 135226 type. Watch howrepparttar 135227 designer spends a lot of time selectingrepparttar 135228 right font,repparttar 135229 right type size and color. See how a conversion-focused designer pays massive attention torepparttar 135230 placement and appearance of every element of text.

Why? Because in direct marketingrepparttar 135231 response rates are intimately connected withrepparttar 135232 presentation ofrepparttar 135233 copy. It matters where onrepparttar 135234 page each text element is placed. The font and its size and emphasis matters. The final formatting ofrepparttar 135235 text matters.

Online? When you are building pages with a view to maximizing conversion rates, you become a direct marketer. That means thinking like a direct marketer, writing like a direct marketer and designing like a direct marketer.

>> Concluding points...

As it stands onrepparttar 135236 web right now, we have a couple of groups of designers.

There arerepparttar 135237 general web designers who create beautiful sites, without regard to howrepparttar 135238 copy should and can work harder.

And there arerepparttar 135239 online direct marketing designers who design single page sales sites that are created to maximize sales.

At some time inrepparttar 135240 future it would be good to see these two groups learn more from each other.

It would be good to seerepparttar 135241 general web designers learn more about increasing conversion rates by learning some ofrepparttar 135242 skills ofrepparttar 135243 online direct marketing designers.

It would be good to seerepparttar 135244 online direct marketing designers expand their skills beyondrepparttar 135245 scope of single, scrolling sales page.

And it is essential that every online designer pays a great deal more attention torepparttar 135246 writers andrepparttar 135247 showcasing of every page's message.

Nick Usborne is a freelance copywriter, author and speaker. For more articles and resources on writing for the web, visit his site, http://www.excessvoice.com.

To find out more about designing for high conversion rates, read his review of AWAI's course, Graphic Design Success.

Create and deploy a website from start to finish!

Written by Brock Coffee

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-Step three, choosing a web host. A web host is where you will serve your website torepparttar world. You will create your site and upload it to your hosting server. This can be a daunting task if you are new to this kind of thing but before you know it, it will be as simple as pie. Here are few things to consider when searching for a web host. 1. Will this company be around inrepparttar 134964 long run. There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies out there and they are all pretty muchrepparttar 134965 same. 2. Are they reliable? What’srepparttar 134966 point of having a website if users can't reach it. While we may not fully understandrepparttar 134967 intricacies ofrepparttar 134968 internet, we want to be assured that our web hosting provider has enough room for growth as well asrepparttar 134969 expert manpower to take care of all this for us.

3 Is it easy to use? Many web-masters are quit tech-savy, they don't have a team of programmers on hand to execute thier every desire. Tools like a control panel and website builder can be very important.

4.Value: How does it compare in price to others web hosts withrepparttar 134970 same features.

-Step four. Welcome torepparttar 134971 show. So now you got some web pages, a domain and a host. Its time to uploadrepparttar 134972 files. Transferring a file or files fromrepparttar 134973 user's computer to a remote computer (Your Host). Many HTML editors have upload capabilities built in. There are loads of free FTP (File transfer Protocol) software available.

In conclusion Building and deploying a website may seem like quit a challenge but with some experience, practice and time along with a little research you can become a great web master. I suggest investing in some good books and a good HTML editor.

About The Author: Brock Coffee is IT professional with 10 years experience He is founder http://www.liquidmediastudios.com. LiquidMediastudios sells ready-made website design templates created to use as a basis for fast and high-quality website development. Professional flash and web design templates.

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