Web Content Strategy 101

Written by Joel Walsh

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Here's a good starter content strategy:

One-quarter free-reprint content.

One-quarter content contributed by visitors.

One-quarter originally written content you let other sites reprint in exchange for a link to your site.

One-quarter originally written content you do not redistribute.

Scheduling Content Updates

Search engines, especially Google, seem to give pride of place to sites that regularly update their content. Regular content updates also give visitors a reason to return.

In short, if you have thirty web pages worth of content this month, it's better to post one page each day rather than put them up all at once. To make sure you do this, schedule an hour each day for updating your site's content.

One way to get regular content updates for your site is to start a blog, a "web log" in which you write your thoughts and post news. The one disadvantage is that many web users are getting tired of blogs, which are often not well written and contain more opinion than information. Search engines, too, seem to be featuring blogs in their results less often.

Identifying a Content Provider

Ever wonder how Bill Gates keepsrepparttar MSN and Microsoft sites so content-rich? Doesn't he get RSI from writing a thousand or more pages a day?

You guessed it: Bill Gates does not writerepparttar 150897 content for any ofrepparttar 150898 Microsoft websites. Nor should you write all your own content. All successful website owners have someone else write a large part of their content. This person or company is called a "web content provider."

Your web content provider has to be a person or company with proven experience writing content forrepparttar 150899 web, rather than just print content. Ask to see writing samples. You might even ask if you can commission just a single page to start with, for evaluation purposes.

In short, your web content is too important to leave to chance. Make sure you have a strategy for gettingrepparttar 150900 best content. Contact a content provider to develop a web content strategy today.

Joel Walsh, a professional content writer and founder of UpMarket Content, recommends you check out their site to learn more about what you can get from a web site content provider: http://upmarketcontent.com

Seecrets On Search Engines: Joe Nogood Becomes President In Landslide Victory

Written by Stan Seecrets

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Stan (thinking to himself): Joe has a way of makingrepparttar irrelevant, relevant. Just maybe, Joe will make a great President. Maybe.

Joe becomes President-elect

"Bushmen Americans extinct" – screamed a headline. Independent candidate, Joe I. Nogood wonrepparttar 150896 presidential election usingrepparttar 150897 slogan "I, Nogood". Joe swept allrepparttar 150898 Electoral College votes in an unprecedented result.

The Republican candidate, in his ungracious conceding speech, remarked that Joe is a twin reincarnation of communists, alluding torepparttar 150899 president-elect’s name; Josef Ilyanov Nogood (may be referring to Josef Stalin and Vladimir Ilyanov Lenin).

The third candidate was more succinct. The Democrats ignored an obscure warning from an equally obscure article – "An Ant watching Giants Fight". Each time an internet search for certain keywords,repparttar 150900 list invariably showed Joe’s campaign sites and his supporters. That isrepparttar 150901 same for every voter’s concern; Joe’s messages occupied all Top 100 rankings. The search engine is a presidential candidate’s best friend.

Internet experts suspected that a group of hackers,repparttar 150902 NoGoodies, hackedrepparttar 150903 other candidates’ web pages. When a mouse hovered over Joe’s rival’s name,repparttar 150904 popup hint flashes "NoGood for President". Imaginerepparttar 150905 twin effects these invisible tags created.

[To be continued]

Stan Seecrets Postulate: Poets try to capturerepparttar 150906 essence ofrepparttar 150907 universe withrepparttar 150908 elegance of words. Mathematicians try to dorepparttar 150909 same with their formula and numbers. Therefore, mathematicians are calculative poets. (Poking fun at mathematicians, and himself)

The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25+ years experience. © Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved. For more of his articles and website promotion, visit http://www.seecrets.biz or http://www.RushPRnews.com

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