Web Conferencing is a friend of the environment

Written by Adi Gaskell

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There are also several important steps to take when setting things up at your end to ensure thatrepparttar videoconference runs smoothly. If you have offices overseas or deal with overseas clientsrepparttar 110085 cost and environmental savings can be even larger. No longer do you have to travel abroad to meet with customers, colleagues or suppliers. Conduct your meetings overrepparttar 110086 web fromrepparttar 110087 comfort of your office and save thousands of pounds and do your bit forrepparttar 110088 environment!

Adi is the founder of www.WebVideo4U.co.uk, a leading provider of Flash based streaming video solutions.

Computer e-waste recycling now fueled by lack of Australian legislation.

Written by David Allman

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“We’ve discovered that many businesses throughout Sydney just aren’t aware of computer recycling, norrepparttar increasing problem e-waste is to Australia’s environment. They tend to dispose of their equipment straight to landfill. Onrepparttar 110084 other hand we’ve found many concerned business owners taking interest inrepparttar 110085 way they treatrepparttar 110086 environment, but don’t know what to do. Until we approached them with our service, they’ve reluctantly been disposing their unwanted computer equipment straight to waste. The fact is there hasn’t been a convenient or viable recycling solution on offer until now”, David Allman said.

Estimates byrepparttar 110087 Australian Federal Department of Environment say that by next year, 1.6 million obsolete computers and associated equipment will be sent to landfill, 1.8 million will be sent to storage, and 16 million will already be sitting in storage awaiting an undetermined fate.


For further information, contact David Allman at IT Recyclers on:

+612 0432 937 452, dave@itrecyclers.com or visit www.itrecyclers.com

Formed in September 2004 by David Allman, IT Recyclers offers Sydney based companies a cost effective, convenient and environmentally responsible service for recycling their obsolete computer equipment.

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