Web Coach Tip: The Single Most Important and CRUCIAL Element of Your Web Site

Written by Donna Payne

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*Hint* Most everything I write goes to my senior editor first—my 10 year old daughter! If she can’t understandrepparttar concept of what she’s reading, I need to start over. In other words: write in simplest terms. Big words don’t impress and make some folks feel stupid! Myself included!

Write so that your information is “scan-able”. People rarely read word-for-word. Their eyes scan downrepparttar 149046 page when reading a sales letter or ad copy. Bolding key phrases in your copy, makes your information scanable and lets this person know immediately if they want to read further or bail from your site.

You MUST have a killer opening line. Something to snag your prospects attention right now! Start paying attention to articles and ads in your local paper…or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a gander atrepparttar 149047 tabloids inrepparttar 149048 grocery checkout. You’ll see some pretty interesting headlines AND as corny as they sound, they SELL like crazy!

Here are 3 examples:

How to… .....“How to lose 15 pounds in 15 days” ..... “How to meetrepparttar 149049 love of your life!”

7 secrets… (any number will do) .....“7 secrets to attracting better clients” ..... “21 secrets of master coaches.”

If and Then… “If you have an itchy scalp, then get Head & Shoulders.”

GO HEAVY onrepparttar 149050 BENEFITS. List allrepparttar 149051 benefits of doing business with you and OVERCOME OBJECTIONS. When you’re finished with your spiel, give a clear and concise CALL TO ACTION.

For example: • “Subscribe now and receive a free doo-dah”, “Click here to buy now”. • Tell them EXACTLY what to do. o “Click here to schedule a complimentary coaching session” o “Click here to get our free e-book chock full of powerful interviewing tips” o “Take out your credit card and purchase now using our secure server”

Donna Payne is the Chief Web Goddess of The Web Coach.net, and is known as the gal to call when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the internet. To spend more time with Donna and experience Web technology, Development and Marketing in the most SIMPLIFED way possible go to http://thewebcoach.net

Can You Really Earn MONEY As An Affiliate?

Written by Maya Jakes

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Hopefully, you seerepparttar potential in affiliate marketing and are maybe considering it yourself so you’re probably asking where to begin writing your own ebook or article. I found a brilliant website with pre-written articles on health and wellbeing. Health is an area that never seems to go out of fashion so is always popular and therefore anything relevant sells very well.

I takerepparttar 149045 pre-written content, dress it up and add my own affiliate links to basically make it my own. Again,repparttar 149046 ebooks always have a link to my website and newsletter sign up. I’ve found that usually after 3 or 4 months I start to see my affiliate links working their magic for me and depositing cash in my bank account.

3 or 4 months may seem like a long time to wait forrepparttar 149047 money to roll in but once you start to reaprepparttar 149048 rewards you should hopefully continue to reap them for years to come so it’s definitely worthrepparttar 149049 initial wait.

Now I’ve successfully testedrepparttar 149050 market and am more than happy withrepparttar 149051 results, I intend to make it a top priority to write at least 1 new ebook and article every week and multiply my profits. I know it’s a cliché but, if I can do it then anyone can! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you found it both helpful and inspiring. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing then I recommend you don’t delay any longer and just go for it. For more detailed information and resources just visit my website.

Warmest Wishes Jugglingmum

Jugglingmum researches, tests and recommends ways to earn money online and working from home. For valuable information and access to free bonuses, you can subscribe to the popular JC Newsletter by sending mailto:jugglingmumsclub@getresponse.com or for further information just visit her website http://www.jugglingmumsclub.blogspot.com

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