Web Business Success: From Zero to Profit In Seven Days

Written by David Howlett

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The other great thing they have is M-Orders that is a downloadable application that will help you handle you after sales service. The basic version of Malís is free to use, but if you want to link up to a payment gateway and take credit cards youíll need to pay a small monthly fee.

Promotingrepparttar site was much easier than I thought it would be. First I set up some Google Adwords that would appear when people entered keywords relating torepparttar 116777 products I am selling. So far this has cost me just over £30.

Then I invested £60 with Overture on their Sitematch program. Sitematch seems to be very effective. Within days I had a good listing forrepparttar 116778 keywords in my website on most ofrepparttar 116779 top search engines. These included: MSN, AOL, ASK, Yahoo and Excite.

So where hasrepparttar 116780 profit come from? Inrepparttar 116781 first week I had 60 visitors onrepparttar 116782 site mostly fromrepparttar 116783 Google Adwords. During this time I made 3 sales adding up to a total of nearly £200. Because Iíve keptrepparttar 116784 cost ofrepparttar 116785 website so low any profit can go a long way when reinvested inrepparttar 116786 website. For instance justrepparttar 116787 profit fromrepparttar 116788 sales inrepparttar 116789 first week are enough to payrepparttar 116790 cost ofrepparttar 116791 shopping cart and payment gateway services for a whole year!

So if you yearn to start your own online business, but arenít sure you haverepparttar 116792 funds to start, donít despair it can be done. Do your research and look around for reliable low-cost ways to develop you web business. So oncerepparttar 116793 sales do start coming in youíll have more money available to reinvest and growrepparttar 116794 business faster.

David Howlett is an independent web consultant based in the UK. David helps clients get more qualified visitors and then convert them into action.http://www.davidhowlett.co.uk

3 Simple Ways to Start Your Home Based Internet Business Right Now

Written by Andrea Hayhurst

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3-Sell a Hard Good or Downloadable Infoproduct

Okay, okay, I know this one doesn't sound so simple or easy, but to be honest, it's really not as hard as it might first appear. Selling a hard good entails offering a real physical product (like fishing poles, for instance) for sale in your own online retail store. If this idea really appeals to you, go for it. Brainstorm some products you would enjoy selling, then do some keyword research in Wordtracker to develop a targeted niche within that market (deep sea fishing poles?).

After that, you can use a drop ship source directory orrepparttar search engines to find manufacturers or distributors who will drop shiprepparttar 116776 merchandise for you (meaning they ship it directly torepparttar 116777 customer and you don't have to carry any inventory). Then go to Ebay or Yahoo and sign up for one of their stores. I know from personal experience that Yahoo has some merchant hosting packages that are great and super easy to use. They'll even provide you with a shopping cart feature and help get you set up with a merchant account (so you can accept credit cards). Plus, you'll get some traffic already built in since millions of people are using their shopping directory to browse for products every day.

As forrepparttar 116778 website itself, don't worry. Most hosting companies today have some type of site builidng solution available for those customers who wouldn't know an html code from a java script. Believe me folks, if I, a completely technically useless and html challenged technophobe can do this, ANYONE can.

Now, as torepparttar 116779 infoproduct. Byrepparttar 116780 way, I mean YOUR OWN infoproduct. Everyone onrepparttar 116781 web and their mother will tell you that this isrepparttar 116782 best way to makerepparttar 116783 really big bucks online. Write about something you know and/or love. The topic of internet marketing seems to have been way overdone. Unless, of course, you are a true expert on some niche internet marketing subject, then definitely do it. Just don't do it because everyone else is.

As forrepparttar 116784 actual writing, you don't even have to do that if you really don't want to. You can check out a site like elance.com and post your project and have writers bid on completingrepparttar 116785 project for you! And there are so many easy to use PDF ebook creators available that formattingrepparttar 116786 book should pose no technical challenge whatsoever. Set up a simple little one sales page website with a link for payment processing, optimizerepparttar 116787 site forrepparttar 116788 engines, userepparttar 116789 pay per clicks, find some JV partners, and you're inrepparttar 116790 money!

Byrepparttar 116791 way, I know of some guys who have about 10 or 15 of these little mini sites set up selling little reports on niche topics and raking in an average of $2,000 a month from each site. And they're incredibly easy to set up and practically run on autopilot once you do!

Well, there you have it. Just a few relatively simple ways to get you started onrepparttar 116792 way to raking in YOUR share ofrepparttar 116793 internet gold mine!

Andrea Hayhurst is an internet marketing professional and publishes "How to Succeed Online", a fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If you`re looking for the top rated home business opportunities, the latest time saving tools and helpful support from a friend in the business, come by and grab a free subscription today at http://www.Your-E-Source.com

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