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Written by Dan Anderson

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Past Winners- Review sites that have previously wonrepparttar award you are interested in applying for. If these sites are all of a high standard and quality, pick one and contactrepparttar 102797 webmaster. Inquire onrepparttar 102798 response from his users,repparttar 102799 award service, and anything else you would like to know. Usually you’ll get an informative reply.

Amount of Awards- No one appreciates going to a website an as soon as it loads they are bombarded with about twenty awards in a row. This is just plain bragging and obtrusive torepparttar 102800 users experience. I suggest choosing one or two reputable awards and having them on a separate page or onrepparttar 102801 bottom ofrepparttar 102802 site where all your other information is.

Free Applications Versus Paid- This is affected by your budget, preference, and needs. If you haverepparttar 102803 cash to apply for a paid award site do it. When your paying forrepparttar 102804 service your site will be reviewed more diligently, scored harder, andrepparttar 102805 rating will be more honest and accurate. With a paid application your site will be inrepparttar 102806 running with other quality sites because no ones going to dish out anywhere from ten to a few hundred dollars to have their poorly made site rejected.

In conclusion, there are many award sites to choose from. Choosingrepparttar 102807 right one can boost credibility, traffic, and page rank. Choosing a low quality, hand out, award could loose you customers for life and make your site look unprofessional. Do not rely on awards to make you an instant expert or “the guys to go to”, butrepparttar 102808 right one will show users that your work is appreciated and recognized as a quality site and that will reflect on your products, staff, and content.

I, Dan Anderson, am the owner and operator of the internet store http://www.shopwithdan.com. We sell mesh hats: blank, custom, predesigned. After looking at a few awards sites I came to the above conclusions and I wanted to share them with others. To keep in touch with me check out my forum http://www.shopwithdan.com/forums/ Thank you for your time and I hope this benefits you.


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