Web Analytics - Murder by Numbers - Part 1

Written by Jason OConnor

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Continuing withrepparttar example,repparttar 133603 number of people who viewrepparttar 133604 banner ad and actually click on it over to your site isrepparttar 133605 click-thru number. The click-thru percentage is ascertained by dividingrepparttar 133606 number of click-thrus byrepparttar 133607 number of page visits. For example, if 50 people clicked-thru to your site fromrepparttar 133608 banner, and there were a total of 1000 banner views (because there were 1000 views to that page that hadrepparttar 133609 banner ad on it), thenrepparttar 133610 equation would be 50 divided by 1000, or 5%. (You could also userepparttar 133611 unique visits to calculate this percentage: 50/800 = 6.25%.)

Leads acquired is how many people actually filled out a form on your site or called as a result ofrepparttar 133612 banner ad. In other words,repparttar 133613 user sawrepparttar 133614 banner ad on another site, clickedrepparttar 133615 banner thru to your site, and then actually gave you their information via a web form or phone call.

Cost per lead is very important. The lower this isrepparttar 133616 better. You calculate this by dividingrepparttar 133617 total cost byrepparttar 133618 number of leads, in this case $500 divided by 20 leads, or $25 per lead.

The lead conversion rate isrepparttar 133619 percentage of new leads you obtained fromrepparttar 133620 visitors driven to your web page as a direct result ofrepparttar 133621 banner ad. Of course this page needs a call to action in order to convert a visitor to a lead. A call to action is a statement onrepparttar 133622 page that says “Call today” and gives a phone number or is a link that points someone to a web form.

If your banner ad cost $500 and you got 20 leads (leads acquired), then your cost per lead for this banner ad campaign was $25.

If 2 people out ofrepparttar 133623 20 new leads actually bought your product or service, then your lead to sales ratio is 1/10 or 10%.

Obviously,repparttar 133624 whole point of all this is to increaserepparttar 133625 last number, our final sales. By monitoring all these numbers continuously and systematically, we can gain an almost omnipotent view of our various e-marketing campaigns. We can then leverage that knowledge to improve each initiative to yieldrepparttar 133626 best results.

Look for Part 2 of this two-part series. It will explain how to get allrepparttar 133627 initial web statistics to plug into these formulas. It will also describe a great method for obtaining accurate click-thru numbers.

Good luck number crunching! The better you get at it,repparttar 133628 more sales you’ll create.

Jason OConnor is President of Oak Web Works The synthesis of Web marketing, design, and technology Jason is a Web development expert, e-strategist, and e-marketer who is trying to affect the future of the Internet in a highly positive way


mailto: jason@oakwebworks.com for a FREE site consultation and to learn how to increase your bottom line by properly leveraging the Web

Why Traffic Touts and List Pushers Are Bad For Your Business

Written by Charles Kangethe

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True O'pt-In lists go a stage further. They capturerepparttar prospects mind.

Your aim is to intellectually and emotionally involverepparttar 105925 list with you and your business.

Do not fall intorepparttar 105926 trap of sending occasional mails from an autoresponder to your single or double O'pt-In list and think that is enough.

You must motivate people with useful offers, as well as intellectual and emotional triggers to remain onrepparttar 105927 list AND to buy from you.

O'pt-In e-mail lists can be :

* Purchased

=> Sidebar - What List Pushers don't want you to know You have no easily checked evidence of : * How long agorepparttar 105928 names were obtained * Whererepparttar 105929 names were culled from * Which competitors haverepparttar 105930 same names * A genuine interest in your offer fromrepparttar 105931 list <=

* Home Grown.

Building your own list from Targeted and Warm Traffic isrepparttar 105932 slower but surer way to succeed.

The key is to nurture your lists and turn them into True O'pt-In lists and not just a collection of names and addresses.

Putting It All Together -----------------------

Your Prime "Paid" strategy should be :

Start PPC (and CPA) campaigns Capture names and e-mail addresses Develop autoresponder messages using Triggers and Motivators to create True O'pt-In Lists

Your Prime "F'ree" strategy should be :

Start a SEO exercise Complimentrepparttar 105933 SEO with an self syndication campaign Capture names and e-mail addresses Develop autoresponder messages using Triggers and Motivators to create True O'pt-In Lists

=> Sidebar * The two strategies above will create Warm Traffic in volume and help you build responsive True O'pt-In lists. The Paid route will deliver results faster. The F'ree route will deliver Volume. <=

However, to make a decisive move torepparttar 105934 super marketers bracket, you need Traffic and lists in even bigger quantities. Here is how to exploderepparttar 105935 volume.

A) Build a themed web site with highly O'ptimised content pages. B) For each content page develop offshoot pages that are equally highly O'ptimised.

The result is a tree like structure. For an example let's say your theme site is about Golf.

* Your home page is about Golf in general.

* Your main content pages include Putting, driving, chipping, pitching,repparttar 105936 mental game.

* Each main content page has sub content pages so under Putting Pitch marks and repairs, grass types, readingrepparttar 105937 green etc.

If allrepparttar 105938 pages in this structure are keyword phrase O'ptimised your Warm and targeted Traffic will literally explode.

How do you build so many O'ptimised pages ?

The old "not recommended" way was to build Search Engine friendly, people unfriendly Doorway pages.

For a new Search Engine and People friendly, way to do this there are two tools you should look at inrepparttar 105939 Relevant Resources Section.

Relevant Resources ------------------ Learn Pay Per Click Tactics => http://www.anysurf.com - Practice for low cost on this engine => http://www.payperclicktools.com - Information on PPC => http://www.payperclicksearchengines.com - PPC directory

Simply Easier Marketing 1 - First Competitive Advantage => http://www.simplyeasier.com/ownarticles.html - HTML version => http://www.simplyeasier.com/articles/affiliates.txt - Text Version

How To Build An O'pt-In List F'ree e-course => http://www.simplyeasier.com/Optin heOptinstrategy/

Build True O'pt-In Lists with intellectual and emotional triggers => http://www.simplyeasier.com/21mm

An unusual Cost Per Action Solution => http://www.simplyeasier.com/articles/radio.txt

Syndicate yourself with F'ree Press Releases and articles => http://www.simplyeasier.com/articles/press.txt => http://www.simplyeasier.com/articles/how2write.txt

Build Search Engine and People Friendly Web Content Pages => http://www.trafficequalizer.com => http://www.rankingpower.com

Other relevant articles:

All Website Traffic Is Not Created Equal By Angela Wu (c) 2004 http://onlinebusinessbasics.com/article.html

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------------------------------------------------------------ Charles Kangethe of http://www.simplyeasier.com is a leading new wave marketer and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources. ------------------------------------------------------------

Charles Kangethe of http://www.simplyeasier.com is a leading new wave marketer and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources.

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