Weather Control

Written by Dale Power

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What we are left with then are some guidelines forrepparttar safe influencing ofrepparttar 122102 weather.

Plan out your weather working so that slow changes will happen inrepparttar 122103 system as far in advance as possible. If you can foreseerepparttar 122104 coming of a drought four or five months before it is a major problem, you can begin to gently nudgerepparttar 122105 climate towards a bit of moisture duringrepparttar 122106 driest season. Keeprepparttar 122107 effects as small and un-dramatic as possible. Don’t call forth a mighty rainstorm when a gentle mist will do. Avoidrepparttar 122108 creation of storms when you can, as they disruptrepparttar 122109 over all pattern far more than is advisable. Pay attention to similar patterns. If it rains in one place this week, is it always dry in another location? What does it mean whenrepparttar 122110 wind blows fromrepparttar 122111 east? Rain? Dry conditions? Will rain inrepparttar 122112 summer mean a thunder storm in a given location? You must take pains to know these types of things before you begin to meddle. Avoid usingrepparttar 122113 weather as a weapon! Yes it can have a dramatic effect on troops, especially in moral. Modern troops though will only be slowed byrepparttar 122114 most intense weather conditions. The ones most devastated byrepparttar 122115 attack will berepparttar 122116 civilians, who lose homes and infrastructure due to your efforts. It is not just unethical, it can turn them against you, and your side in an issue, if they find out you are controllingrepparttar 122117 weather.

It can be a temptation to call forth great changes inrepparttar 122118 weather to “prove your power” to skeptics and those that doubt your abilities, as well as to impress friends, butrepparttar 122119 odds of changingrepparttar 122120 mind of a skeptic with proof are small. You may impress your friends with your dramatic displays of power, but at what cost? Is looking cool or interesting really worthrepparttar 122121 possible harm that could be done?

Gentle, careful weather control can be used to prevent massive disasters and smooth out portions ofrepparttar 122122 overall climate as we move into a time of great uncertainty. I do not think it unconscionable to effectrepparttar 122123 weather, I simply ask for care and discipline inrepparttar 122124 task.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Are We Singing?

Written by White Feather

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Can we embrace each note or frequency unconditionally? Can we surrender torepparttar music flowing through us? Can we liverepparttar 122101 music flowing through us? Can we dance torepparttar 122102 music without judging it? Can we let it flow through our bodies unimpeded? Is it flowing out of your fingertips and out of your mouth and out of your feet?

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