Wear Your Thinking Cap When Gambling Online

Written by Ryan D.

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A bankroll management strategy simply relates to how you are going to spread your budget across several playing sessions and across a variety of games. This will maximize your playing experience. It is no use dumping your entire session bankroll into an expensive slot machine if you are looking to get entertained for a couple of hours. Finally, manage your betting limits. Decide how high you are prepared to go and stick to it. Too many people get an adrenaline rush and cross their limits. Although you may win every now and then you'll spend far more time in front ofrepparttar TV over time.

Game Strategy

No matter which online casino game you prefer, following a basic strategy is a hundred times better than having no strategy at all. Online casino gambling strategies range from very simple to highly sophisticated. Take blackjack for example. Basic strategy involves a simple strategy card that will guide your decision to hit, fold, or stand on a given hand. More sophisticated strategies involve things like card counting. As far as slots go, a simple spin and hope strategy won't get you far. There are simple strategies like machine selection to more expansive progressive loss betting systems. The net is littered with gaming strategies so you won't have to search for too long.

Some basic but careful planning could make your experience a lot more worthwhile!

Ryan D. has been involved in the online casino and online gambling industries for over 6 years as an operator, marketer and consultant. He can be contacted via his website at http://www.online-gambling-insider.com.

Hardness of Gold, - misconceptions!

Written by Stuart Noble

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24 kt is pure gold, with no other metals. 18 kt is 18 parts gold and 6 parts total of silver and copper. (75.0% gold) 14 kt is 14 parts gold and 10 parts total of silver and copper. (58.3%) 10 kt is 10 parts weight of gold to 14 parts of other metals. (41.6%)

Because Gold is so much heavier thanrepparttar other metals,repparttar 138709 actual amount of gold, by volume, inrepparttar 138710 different alloys is much less.

10 kt = 41% by weight and 24% by volume. 14 kt = 58.55 by weight and 39% by volume. 18 kt = 75% by weight and 61% by volume.

Which is best?

We always produce items, which are designed to be Heirlooms and as such are made to last for many generations. Whether it is 10, 14 or 18 kt, it is certainly not going to wear out. My favourite is, however, 18 kt gold. It isrepparttar 138711 hardest wearing, looks good and is almost 40% heavier than 10 kt gold, so feels as gold should, - solid, and heavy!

10 kt and 14 kt alloys also make very nice items.

It usually comes down to price, with 10kt gold being around halfrepparttar 138712 price of 18 kt gold.

The choice is yours!!

The Author, a Scot, is Stuart Noble, the founder and Chief Executive of the Scottish Heirloom Company, manufacturing jewelers, specializing in the production of Scottish Family Crest Jewellery. You can publish this article if the author's byline is included and all links are hyperlinked.

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