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Written by kigo kare

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I've been a licensed real estate agent and investor for 7 years. I began my career by managing $8 million in real estate atrepparttar age of 20. From there I was trained and mentored by an individual who has bought and sold over 16,000 homes during his career. Three: I have helped individuals with absolutely zero real estate experience make tens of thousands of dollars...some inrepparttar 137791 matter of hours. One individual that I advise has generated revenues of up to $30 million in one year.How many of these dudes selling "How to make money in real estate" have even one client inrepparttar 137792 real world? Not to mention a multi, multimillionaire. Four: I don't hide behind my web site or any fake email addresses. My direct phone number is 586-477-4788. It's beenrepparttar 137793 same number for about 7 years and I don't plan on it changing. I answerrepparttar 137794 phone myself when I'm around. More information goto... http://kv.iwarp.com/rw.html

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Work at home - what is the best home based business?

Written by Joan Masterson

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I spend hours online everyday updating it with relevant information - I cannot help them start their own home businesses butrepparttar information that I offer them might just help spark off their own bright business idea.

Now, not everyone would probably have such a profound interest in running a website or getting to know how to design one, so what you have to do is to sit and think of ways of how you can turn your passion into money.

For instance you could probably be interested in cross stitching or maybe cheesemaking, or pottery. Can you teach other people who are passionate about your subject something new about it? Or how to do it better? Where can you sell your products? Tour your town to findrepparttar 137776 best possible places to supply your product or service to, speak to others about it as often as you can. You will be surprised how other people can help you with prospective customers. You have to think out ofrepparttar 137777 box - think of different and new ways to market your product.

Just as an example, my sister sells permanent licence disc holders. It is something that you stick on your windscreen to display your car licence disc instead of using stickers that mess up your windscreen when you have to take them off atrepparttar 137778 end of every year. Now, instead of trying to compete with hundreds of other people out there sellignrepparttar 137779 same product, she approached some ofrepparttar 137780 local primary schools to use it as a fundraising product. She sells it to them at a certain price, they getrepparttar 137781 kids to sell it to their parents and family and friends at a different price. The kid who sellsrepparttar 137782 most discs gets a cash prize,repparttar 137783 class who sellsrepparttar 137784 most discs get loads of free pizza. The school has a fantastic product to sell, they make a load of money forrepparttar 137785 shcool out of it, my sister makes her own profit out of it, and everyone is happy.

The second way she makes money out ofrepparttar 137786 discs, is by approachingrepparttar 137787 car attendants at various local malls and shopping centres. These guys are only to glad to make a bit of extra money and they already have hundreds of potential customers around them -repparttar 137788 car drivers!

She gives each car attendant about 5 discs to sell a day, next day she goes back to pick uprepparttar 137789 cash, give them their share, and give them some more discs. She does this at about 10 different locations, having about 25 car attendants a day selling her product - that is 125 discs a day. With smart thinking she has just leveraged her income and she just goes back to collectrepparttar 137790 cash - how great is that?

She is a typical example of something who works smart, not hard.

Tryrepparttar 137791 same kind of thinking for your own business and I promise you,repparttar 137792 ideas will just flow in.

Well, I hope I have given you something to think about. What you have to do now, is just to START!

Joan Masterson is the owner of http://www.womenatwork.co.za and http://www.set-4-success.com - sites that offers free work at home resources and information

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