Wealth Creation Investor

Written by Sean Rasmussen

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I tookrepparttar leap of faith and jumped intorepparttar 142624 wealth creation arena with a semi confident leap around 16 months ago. Withrepparttar 142625 help from a gentleman byrepparttar 142626 name of Jamie McIntyre from 21st Century Academy, I was able to learn how to make money from renting shares onrepparttar 142627 sharemarket, locate positive cashflow properties ofrepparttar 142628 plan and fast track my path towards financial independence while doing most of my work from home.

Earning 2% return per month for my investments would at first be an attractive idea in mine and most peoples wealth creation plan. Whenrepparttar 142629 knowledge then increased through lots of study and a real concerted effort to break away fromrepparttar 142630 everyday norm, I then realised ( and proved ) that 15 20% per month was and is very achievable. Last month I managed a 32% monthly return for one 5 figure investment.

I am obviously very grateful forrepparttar 142631 ideas, knowledge and general change of mindset thatrepparttar 142632 likes of Jamie McIntyre and his friends at 21st Century Academy and 21st Century New Zealand have passed on to me so generously. Now I am able to share this knowledge myself and get extra enjoyment sharing this newfound knowledge in my favourite field of wealth creation investment.

Sean Rasmussen is a part time investor and runs these sites: http://www.universalwealthcreation.com Wealth Creation with Jamie McIntyre http://www.universalwealthcreation.com/free_dvd.htm Free wealth creation DVD with Jamie McIntyre http://www.sydneypropertyinvestment.com Property Investment. Wealth Creation in Real Estate

Wow a Butterfly!

Written by Kenia Morales

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So what should you do about it? Follow your dreams, be open to new experiences, make new friends, stand up for your beliefs, have hobbies etc. If you follow these simple tips you will soon have some excitement and happiness in your life.

Spice it up a little,

Kenia Morales


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