Wealth Creation

Written by Marlene Challis

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That statement sounds like exaggeration torepparttar man who has never watched a $10 account in his savings bank book grow week by week. And he is not to blame for thinking so until he knows better. There is pleasure in gratifying one's inclination for spending money, butrepparttar 146936 man who curbs his inborn inclination to spend--and saves regularly--finds that he experiences twicerepparttar 146937 pleasure in saving that he ever did in spending.

The secret of gaining wealth has been reduced to seven words by Robert Louis Stevenson:--

"Earn a little, spend a little less."

Simple, isn't it?

Some people fail to accumulate enough money to take care of them in old age, sickness or misfortune, and it is because they think that saving isrepparttar 146938 easiest thing inrepparttar 146939 world. The fact is that it requires more sense to save money than to make it.

"Donít work for a mere living; show a profit for your work every week; have something left from your earnings after all your expenses are paid." A son of a famous railway magnate was put at work every summer during his vacations from school and college. One summer he fired an engine; another summer he was a member of a surveying party; so that whenrepparttar 146940 time came for him to take his place onrepparttar 146941 board of directors of various railroad lines, he knewrepparttar 146942 business which he was going to direct. He also knewrepparttar 146943 life of a fireman on a freight engine, and could have earned his living in that calling, if fortune had taken wings and left him dependent entirely upon his own work.

"A hard-working man always seems to be lucky."--Ed. Howe.

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Approaches to Investing

Written by Ioannis Evangelos Haramis

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And here are two more "truly real" ways to approach investing:

1. The Proud Way and

2. The Humble Way.

The proud way is for those who believe that they're smarter than everyone else and can use their insights and abilities to make superior investment choices.

The humble way is for those who believe that they don't know everything. This humble approach leads them to study what has worked overrepparttar long term and then use it.

The path to achieving investment success is in studying long-term results and finding a strategy or group of strategies that make sense. This strategy isrepparttar 146873 humble way... And it does work!

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