We English - a nation of (RSS) shopkeepers

Written by Steve Hawker MSc

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First, too few ofrepparttar big merchants have understoodrepparttar 144919 power of marketing via RSS feed and affiliation. These sluggish retail giants, many with a long-standing presence on English high streets, are missed by those of us with neighbourhood corner shops. We want to pass business their way, for a small commission. So, take note please big merchants,repparttar 144920 costs of setting-up and maintaining RSS feeds, and paying us small commissions, are far outweighed byrepparttar 144921 value of increased sales.

It seems that some ofrepparttar 144922 ‘giants’ have been caught off-guard byrepparttar 144923 cost-effectiveness of this new technology and approach to marketing in combination. It’s simply a matter of them re-writing their product lists in XML and offeringrepparttar 144924 coded feeds to affiliate networks. When they do so, I suggest humbly that they seek out networks offering small shopkeepers like me an unlimited number of feeds at no cost, and that they avoid studiously any ‘exclusive’ deals.

Some merchants are quicker to exploit new technologies than others; that’srepparttar 144925 way markets work. The most agile survive:repparttar 144926 least agile suffer. This creates an opportunity for small and medium sized merchants who are inherently more agile than larger competitors. We English shopkeepers, need them to master RSS technology and affiliation quickly, to plugrepparttar 144927 gaps inrepparttar 144928 market left by big merchants.

Recently, for example, I’ve been hunting English merchants who can offer me affiliated RSS feeds for used and new cars. I have also been hunting similar merchants capable of offering me regularly updated RSS feeds for package holidays and real estate. Cars, package holidays and houses are justrepparttar 144929 sort of products that would sell well in my shop, yet there are big gaps inrepparttar 144930 market there right now.

To conclude, Napoleon was right: we English are a nation of shopkeepers. Many, like me, love our work. To continuerepparttar 144931 tradition, what this particular English shopkeeper needs is two things. Additional, big merchants offering affiliated RSS feeds with broad appeal and smaller merchants offering narrower, deeper feeds that cater for niche interests.

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Google Traffic Report Card-Does Your Website Pass? Part 1 of 7

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

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The "Google Bombing" was done by at most a few hundred links with this link text pointing torepparttar page. Though more links would probably be necissary for a more competative term. Still, it goes to show how important link text is torepparttar 144839 rankings of a page.

Google Bombing is nothing new. But what many people don't realize is that Google places more relevance onrepparttar 144840 anchor link text that it finds when it first discovers a link to your website. Each consequent link either adds value to that first impression or subtracts from it.

Many times you can control which link google finds first just by knowing where google goes regularly (like on a daily basis) and effectively placing your link in it's path. This is called "baiting"repparttar 144841 google bot to visit your website through this link.

Each link you place after this initial link should further show google that their first impression (orrepparttar 144842 first keywords it discovered that linked to your website) was and still is correct. Each subsiquent link is a "vote" so to speak to validate Google's original impression of what your website is about.

Placing that first link to be found by Google is onlyrepparttar 144843 first step, but a very important one. Choose your anchor text keywords carefully. Each incoming link you place after this one should serve to validate this first impression. Part 2 will discussrepparttar 144844 appearance and disappearance of links over time and how they effect your traffic and search engine placement.

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