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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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It thus became clear that atrepparttar same timerepparttar 113476 Rockefeller Foundation was channeling funds into human evolution research in China, it was inrepparttar 113477 process of developing an elaborate plan to fund biological research with a view to developing methods to effectively control human behavior.

Overrepparttar 113478 past few decades, science has developed a comprehensive cosmology that explainsrepparttar 113479 origins of human beings asrepparttar 113480 culmination of a 4-billion year process {Make that 5 now} of chemical and biological evolution on this planet, which formed inrepparttar 113481 aftermath ofrepparttar 113482 Big Bang,repparttar 113483 event that markedrepparttar 113484 beginning ofrepparttar 113485 universe, founded upon particle physics and astronomical observations suggesting we live in an expanding cosmos, is thus inextricably connected withrepparttar 113486 theory ofrepparttar 113487 biochemical evolution of all life forms, including human beings. The major foundations, especiallyrepparttar 113488 Rockefeller Foundation, provided key funding {Eli Lilly was a huge supporter of archaeology with hands-on experience inrepparttar 113489 Hopewell area.} forrepparttar 113490 initial research supporting this materialistic cosmology, which has for all practical purposes pushed God andrepparttar 113491 soul intorepparttar 113492 realm of mythology - at least inrepparttar 113493 intellectual centers of modern civilization." (3)

A history ofrepparttar 113494 Rockefeller/Rothschild connection back torepparttar 113495 Benjaminites and uprepparttar 113496 founding ofrepparttar 113497 Federal Reserve Board is a most intriguing study. The key word is 'intrigue'. We will have occasion to mention them some more but this particular insight seemed hard enough evidence ofrepparttar 113498 things we speculate about with other evidence inrepparttar 113499 field of mind-control devices, Black Ops,repparttar 113500 Opium War(s) and a great deal that everyone should know in order to try to makerepparttar 113501 future of their children as positive as possible. There is so much more I could include in this book but perhaps this is enough for now.


It was not until afterrepparttar 113502 Nuremberg Trials thatrepparttar 113503 rest ofrepparttar 113504 world putrepparttar 113505 kinds of protections in place that had already been in place for a long time in Germany but we are found accusing Germans ofrepparttar 113506 heinous crimes we actually lead. It is just like Mackenzie King in Canada who was backing Hitler and his programs in many areas, along with other blue bloods likerepparttar 113507 Bushes and their bossesrepparttar 113508 Merovingians.

“Beginning in 1907, with legislation passed in Indiana, forced sterilization onrepparttar 113509 basis of eugenic doctrine began spreading acrossrepparttar 113510 United States, with finally thirty states having such laws onrepparttar 113511 books. In this century, upwards of 50,000 Americans have been sterilized by order ofrepparttar 113512 state. {Today we have drugs that reducerepparttar 113513 libido or sex drive and potency ofrepparttar 113514 less fortunate and victimized masses. These drugs and lobotomies which are still performed in Canada serverepparttar 113515 same purposes.} The constitutionality of such compulsion was upheld in 1927, whenrepparttar 113516 case Buck vs. Bell went beforerepparttar 113517 Supreme Court. With only one dissent,repparttar 113518 court said, in a majority opinion written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

‘It is better forrepparttar 113519 world, if instead of waiting to execute offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cuttingrepparttar 113520 Fallopian tubes.’

The court, in other words, went beyond saying that a person is guilty until proven innocent; it declared that hypothetical persons were presumed guilty of criminal intent even before being conceived and may not be brought into existence. The 1927 decision has never been overturned, and is still a part ofrepparttar 113521 law ofrepparttar 113522 land.

After World War II, German lawyers defending those accused of being Nazi war criminals for having forcibly sterilized two million people as a part of Nazi racial doctrine pointed torepparttar 113523 sterilization laws in America andrepparttar 113524 1927 Supreme Court decision as justification for their clients' conduct.

In his recent book, The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism and National Socialism, Stefan Kühl tracesrepparttar 113525 relationships betweenrepparttar 113526 Nazi racial theorists and members ofrepparttar 113527 American eugenics movement inrepparttar 113528 1930s. American eugenicists and German advocates of "racial hygiene" were already communicating and sharing ''scientific'' information beforerepparttar 113529 First World War. The conflict in Europe, and particularly American entry intorepparttar 113530 war against Germany, broke off all such ties. But shortly afterrepparttar 113531 war's end, contacts began to reemerge, with their American colleagues being especially helpful in getting German eugenicists accepted back into their community of scholars.

Throughoutrepparttar 113532 1920s,repparttar 113533 German proponents of racial sterilization drew uponrepparttar 113534 arguments of their American counterparts, using datarepparttar 113535 American eugenicists had collected to justifyrepparttar 113536 case for distinguishing between "superior" and "inferior" racial types; they also maderepparttar 113537 case that America was more enlightened and progressive in its racial policies, since numerous American states had passed sterilization laws, while German law was "backward" in its narrow defense of individual rights that frustrated equivalent German legislation.

With Hitler's coming to power in 1933, Germany's racial hygienists came into their own, with institutes for race science and research being established or expanded. They solicited articles by many ofrepparttar 113538 leading American eugenicists for their "scholarly" journals, translated many of their works into German, and gave them wide distribution. The Nazis used these American books and articles to demonstrate that they were not alone inrepparttar 113539 world in advocating compulsory racial improvement and purity.

A number of American eugenicists happily cooperated. Harry L. Laughlin, who authoredrepparttar 113540 "model" sterilization law for Virginia that was then copied by several other states, saw his proposals explicitly implemented in Germany's 1933 Hereditary Health Law, that prohibited racial intermarriage and codified forced sterilization inrepparttar 113541 new Germany. As a tribute,repparttar 113542 University of Heidelberg awarded Laughlin an honorary degree in 1936, which he enthusiastically accepted.

Even inrepparttar 113543 late 1930s and early 1940s, some American eugenics publications refused to criticize Nazi race policy in general or legal persecution ofrepparttar 113544 Jews in particular. Some ofrepparttar 113545 leading eugenicists argued that to do so would be to unjustifiably mix science with politics.” (4)

The leader ofrepparttar 113546 House Un-American Activities lynching was John Stennis who keptrepparttar 113547 real Holocaust(s) alive in his words ‘They Killed our Savior’ long after Nuremberg whererepparttar 113548 Nazis were not allowed to mount certain Synarchy defenses that might have educatedrepparttar 113549 world aboutrepparttar 113550 truth of what happened in Germany (and Russia).

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Paradigm Engineering and History

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I have both personal expertise and actual hands-on experience in Central America as well asrepparttar original languages which fieldworkers have found most insightful. My prognostications are always proven correct as new evidence comes forward (Hobbit, Bonobos - being two inrepparttar 113475 last year which further add torepparttar 113476 Portuguese baby that is a crossbreed hominid) and there are examples of this in most sciences.

But what has servedrepparttar 113477 'social engineers' well is that they can say things like 'What isrepparttar 113478 peer reviewed opinion'? When there are no funds going to Phoenician Doctoral programs and no integrators of all science through allrepparttar 113479 world over all of history it is hard to have any peers.

Or they can point to another era and time and say something to bamboozlerepparttar 113480 student who seesrepparttar 113481 person speaking knows that era and people very well. But all these people or races and nations are not real history but rather a record of what politics and religion (social engineering) has done to separate people from their 'brothers'.

Thus I have had to have a complete picture or framework going back torepparttar 113482 first white people and even how they might have come into being. Some ofrepparttar 113483 pre-white people ideas are very speculative but I think I have done that framework of real history andrepparttar 113484 elite families who managed it. But no one (or four) books can putrepparttar 113485 picture together and thus pundits (often paid by 'social engineers') can say he refers to his other books for more onrepparttar 113486 point and avoidsrepparttar 113487 issue. But I have to target certain issues and notrepparttar 113488 issue they might raise at that point in that particular book.’

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