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Edward Lorenz wasrepparttar first to show empirical evidence ofrepparttar 128004 Chaos Theory.

"Lorenz had obviously made an immense breakthrough in not only chaos theory, but life. Lorenz had proved that complex, dynamical systems show order, but they never repeat. Since our world is classified as a dynamical, complex system, our lives, our weather, and our experiences will never repeat; however, they should form patterns."


I believe without fail thatrepparttar 128005 chaos theory as described here applies perfectly torepparttar 128006 process of how visitors reach your website. Patterns will emerge, butrepparttar 128007 process will never repeat itself.

Sure some people will followrepparttar 128008 same link throughrepparttar 128009 same ad, butrepparttar 128010 process by which people reachrepparttar 128011 particular link will never duplicate itself.


If only you could see what was inrepparttar 128012 mind ofrepparttar 128013 Internet surfer when he or she visited your website or purchased your wares, thenrepparttar 128014 marketing game would be so much easier.

If only you could seerepparttar 128015 path thatrepparttar 128016 customer followed to reach your website --- reaching ten or fifteen pages backwards in time --- then it would be easier to duplicaterepparttar 128017 successes that have come your way.

If you could truly understandrepparttar 128018 environmental variables that were required to bring traffic and convert your traffic to sales, then you would not need to be reading this article right now. Instead, your name might be Midas and all that you touched would turn into gold.


As mere human beings, we do not have a Midas touch. We cannot possibly understand all ofrepparttar 128019 nuances and variables required to bring traffic to our domains and to turn our traffic into sales.

If anyone tries to tell you differently, run far, far away, fast.

The best we can hope for is to recognize certain patterns in our traffic and our sales, and then to utilize that knowledge to increase our traffic and sales.


If we can begin to understandrepparttar 128020 patterns that people use to find our website and to make purchases of our products and services, then we will better understand which "brain food" to lay out for our target marketplace.

When all else fails, lay out hundreds or thousands of pieces of "brain food" for your visitors to utilize to reach your site. And utilize sales copy for each visitor based onrepparttar 128021 kind of "brain food" crumbs that you have laid out to help your visitors to find you.

I wish yourepparttar 128022 best of luck in your continuing quest for traffic and sales.

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Online Marketing Consultant

Written by John Tanner

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Log File Method Step-by-Step (fromrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 128003 file towardsrepparttar 128004 top):

1.You begin scanningrepparttar 128005 log file forrepparttar 128006 URL of your form's confirmation page...once found, you know that a visitor as submitted your form. (Hint: Use wordpad or notepad's Find feature) 2.Write downrepparttar 128007 visitor's IP Address. Then write down allrepparttar 128008 pages (URLs) that were visited by this IP address (You may want to reorder them from first to last afterwards so you can seerepparttar 128009 path each target visitor took through your site from beginning to end.) 3.Write downrepparttar 128010 Entry page and Exit page (first and last page associated withrepparttar 128011 visitor's IP address) 4.The first entry may have referrer information (if your web server is set up to log this information). The referrer URL will tell you howrepparttar 128012 visitor found your web site (including search engine and keyword information.) 5.Ifrepparttar 128013 user came from a search engine, write down which search engine and which key phrases he/she used to findrepparttar 128014 site. 6.Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each target visitor

Issues withrepparttar 128015 Log File Method The method above has a few flaws. The most notable is thatrepparttar 128016 majority of visitors don't fill out a form on their first visit. While this doesn't sound like a big deal, it is important to capturerepparttar 128017 original referrer, search engine, and key phrasesrepparttar 128018 visitor used. This can't be accomplished unlessrepparttar 128019 visitor performs your desired action on their first visit (usingrepparttar 128020 log file method).

Moreover, it is difficult to track a prospect's visit history since many Internet users get their IP Addresses assigned dynamically. So even if you go through several months of log files, you may not be able to locate a visitor's initial visit. The best option is to use cookies to track visit history.

However, there are more sophisticated options available, but generally come with a higher price than $0 likerepparttar 128021 log file method discussed above.

Is There a Better Alternative for Tracking Target Visitors Individually? It may be worthwhile to review products such as WebTrends Reporting Series 6.1. Even if it doesn't meet your needs, similar products may start hittingrepparttar 128022 market soon.

You may also consider identifying a set of requirements and features that would provide maximum benefit for your organization (and/or clients), and having a professional development firm build your solution.

POSITIVE POSITIONING hired a firm byrepparttar 128023 name of 360 IMPACT (a partner firm based in Europe) to build a Visitor Tracking System (VTS) for our needs. The system tracks each of our client's site visitors in real-time. As soon as a visitor hits one of our client's sites,repparttar 128024 system recognizes the:

·Current and original referrer URL ·Current and original Search engines used ·Current and original key phrasesrepparttar 128025 visitor used ·Current and original path throughrepparttar 128026 site ·Visitor's IP address ·Visitor type (General/Target Visitor) ·Number of times they visited ·Original and current date and time of their session ·Date and time ofrepparttar 128027 original and current visit ·Date and time ofrepparttar 128028 visitor's last update ·Conversion data (like inquiry or shopping cart details) ·And more

The VTS attaches all ofrepparttar 128029 above information to inquiry/checkout form results allowing our clients get these details in their email along with their form data.

The system we had built automatically distinguishes target visitors from general visitors and provides conversion reports showing us exactly where we should be focusing our SEO investment. What's more, it doesn't require programming, script, or include files in any of our client's pages.

When evaluating a potential system like this, be sure client-side code doesn't reduce performance, or otherwise hurt your SEO efforts.

Put this Information to Work and Watch Your Leads (and/or Sales) grow You will need to track a minimum of 30 to 50 target visitors in order to see a real pattern emerging. Once you have a good amount of data, you will see which referrers are sendingrepparttar 128030 most "Target Visitors", which key phrases your best prospects tend to use,repparttar 128031 optimal path(s) through your site (that often ends in a visitor performing your desired action.)

Let me stress that while log analysis software and other reporting packages do a good job at reporting general traffic patterns, total referrers and key phrases; our focus is on "Target Visitor" statistics exclusively.

Now you are able to re-optimize your SEO campaign to focus on "Target Visitor" attracting key phrases (and bids,) adjust your site to makerepparttar 128032 optimal path(s) easier to follow, and focus more attention on referring sites that generate leads and/or sales.

Tell Us How it Worked For You Once you give this method a shot, you should see increased conversions within 60 days. Please send us an email to let us know how it improved your numbers, or share your thoughts. (End of Part 2 - 904 words including titles)

John Tanner is an Online Marketing Consultant at POSITIVE POSITIONING. John has worked in the Search Engine Marketing industry since 1996 and helped over 80 companies in multiple industries and markets. POSITIVE POSITIONING employs only ethical Search Engine Marketing practices that ensure lasting online success

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