Watering Your Orchids

Written by Bob Roy

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Under watering is usuallyrepparttar case ifrepparttar 113418 plant is in a direct sun for long periods of time. Some of us will only mistrepparttar 113419 plant instead of watering. The signs of under watering are essentiallyrepparttar 113420 same as over watering. The thinner leaves ofrepparttar 113421 plants especially Miltonias will have accordion like leaves.

The treatment for over watering is to re pot as soon as possible. As re potting is taking place cut offrepparttar 113422 roots that do not look healthy. Re pot in a coarser medium. This will allowrepparttar 113423 plant to getrepparttar 113424 support it needs. Be sure thatrepparttar 113425 plant dries out before being watered next.

Occasionally you plant may not have any viable roots and may not respond to re potting. If this isrepparttar 113426 case then I would recommend that you placerepparttar 113427 plant and container in a clear plastic bag and loosely tie it and place it in indirect light. The humidity will help.

Occasionally with over watering you will notice thatrepparttar 113428 roots and thenrepparttar 113429 rest ofrepparttar 113430 plant may turn black. This is "black root" disease. Use a fungicide on this and probably you can save it.

For under wateringrepparttar 113431 main stay of treatment is to water more frequently. Ifrepparttar 113432 plant feels loose inrepparttar 113433 pot then re pot it. Once you do this you will notice that there will be less wilting and greener healthier leaves. If there is still some wiltingrepparttar 113434 plant will need more humidity. This can be accomplished by placingrepparttar 113435 plant on a tray that has pebbles in it and is half full of water. Remember you do not wantrepparttar 113436 roots to sit in water.

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Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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The Master was pleased that He had maderepparttar rose He sent a fragrant rain to give it a dose Of life giving water that maderepparttar 113417 rose grow And blossum with pretty flowers like unto a rainbow

When your life is troubled and filled with doubt and fears Look atrepparttar 113418 dew onrepparttar 113419 roses, and remember Jesus' tears As they placedrepparttar 113420 crown of thorns upon His sweet head Father forgive them isrepparttar 113421 words He said

The rose reminds us of this earthly life The thorns amongstrepparttar 113422 beauty are as sharp as a knife Butrepparttar 113423 knicks and cuts are worthrepparttar 113424 prize Beautiful roses onrepparttar 113425 table, no matter whatrepparttar 113426 size.

Copyright 2004 Irvin L. Rozier

author, preacher, retired military

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