Water Makes the Human Body Go Round

Written by Rachel Williamson

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Like all things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. It's up to you to determine your water intake needs based on your lifestyle and activity level. In hot weather, make sure to balance high water intake with enough sodium to maintain electrolyte balance.

If you don't like water,repparttar problem may berepparttar 151197 kind you're drinking. If your tap water tastes bad, try bottled water or install a filtration system on your tap. If your bottled water tastes strange, try another brand.

Our bodies can't function without water. Perhapsrepparttar 151198 old saying "you are what you eat" should be "you are what you drink." Treat your body well and it will returnrepparttar 151199 favor in kind.

Rachel Williamson is a contributing writer for Eat This!, a collaborative blog dedicated to food and nutrition, where she has written about the benefits of drinking water.

Atherosclerosis -- The Silent Killer

Written by Nicholas Webb

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What is atherosclerosis and what are its consequences? As we have seen, with atherosclerosis plaques form alongrepparttar inner lining ofrepparttar 151164 arteries. Sometimesrepparttar 151165 plaques may weaken and become unstable and eventually rupture. When this occurs,repparttar 151166 contents ofrepparttar 151167 plaque, when coming into contact withrepparttar 151168 blood flow withinrepparttar 151169 artery, form a clot or thrombus. Such clot may totally blockrepparttar 151170 blood flow. Ifrepparttar 151171 clot breaks off and travels throughrepparttar 151172 artery to another part ofrepparttar 151173 body, this is called an embolus. Ifrepparttar 151174 clot blocks an artery torepparttar 151175 heart, a heart attack will berepparttar 151176 result. Ifrepparttar 151177 clot blocks an artery that suppliesrepparttar 151178 brainrepparttar 151179 result will be a stroke. Finally ifrepparttar 151180 clot blocks a peripheral artery ofrepparttar 151181 leg, walking may become and difficult and gangrene There is much debate just lately as to whether diet, in particular our intake of fats and cholesterol, is such an important issue. We haverepparttar 151182 big medical establishments saying we should limit eating foods such as red meat, eggs and cheese and onrepparttar 151183 other hand apparently healthy people eating a high protein, low carb diet. Such diets are frequently based on meat, fish, cheese and eggs.

To avoid any confusion, it is a safe approach to eat a healthy well balanced diet and pay particular attention torepparttar 151184 way in whichrepparttar 151185 food is prepared. Limit frying and opt for steaming or broiling. Regular exercise is also highly recommended and if you smoke: stop. These measures will greatly help to keep your cholesterol under control and makerepparttar 151186 progression of atherosclerosis less of an issue.

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