Water Conservation in the Yard

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Water inrepparttar early morning beforerepparttar 145177 heat ofrepparttar 145178 day. This limits evaporation and supplies plants with needed moisture to make it throughrepparttar 145179 hot, sunny day. Consider using drip or trickle irrigation systems. Many inexpensive, easy to install systems are available that provide small amounts of water torepparttar 145180 base of individual plants. These systems placerepparttar 145181 water where it is needed most, rather than applying it acrossrepparttar 145182 whole garden. Check with your local garden center. Collect water from downspouts when it rains. Roofs intercept significant amounts of rain. Collecting this runoff into a barrel can help limitrepparttar 145183 use of city or well water during dry spells.

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Wildlife Gardener

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I chose a Conester which is great for attracting butterflies and bees inrepparttar summer and supply red berries forrepparttar 144814 birds in autumn and early winter, Globe thistles which attract Blue Tits and finches whenrepparttar 144815 turn to seed, several sorts of Cranesbill, Tickseed, Rudbeckia and Golden Marguerite which are also good for attracting a variety of insects, Clematis and honeysuckle which provide shelter and nesting sites once matured. Overrepparttar 144816 last couple of years I have really begun to enjoy gardening, being able to watch all my efforts come to life and benefitrepparttar 144817 birds in a small way, which if more and more people put wildlife friendly plants, a birdfeeder or two and perhaps a pond if room permits then this would help to make up for some of their decline and help rebuild their numbers.

Even if you have no garden you could hang a bird feeder onrepparttar 144818 balcony or attach a feeder to a window, you can always make room for at least one! Make a difference to your local feathered friends: you can get a lot pleasure watching all types of birds without even leaving your home.

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