Water Conservation in the Yard

Written by Silvianne Barthe

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Water those plants needing it most. Newly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers with limited roots systems will most likely suffer first from drought conditions. Give these plants priority if water is scarce. Well-established plants, especially those native torepparttar area, are likely to withstand drought conditions with limited damage.

Water inrepparttar 139217 early morning beforerepparttar 139218 heat ofrepparttar 139219 day. This limits evaporation and supplies plants with needed moisture to make it throughrepparttar 139220 hot, sunny day.

Consider using drip or trickle rrigation systems. Many inexpensive, easy to install systems are available that provide small amounts of water torepparttar 139221 base of individual plants. These systems placerepparttar 139222 water where it is needed most, rather than applying it acrossrepparttar 139223 whole garden. Check with your local garden center.

Collect water from downspouts when it rains. Roofs intercept significant amounts of rain. Collecting this runoff into a barrel can help limitrepparttar 139224 use of city or well water during dry spells.

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Attracting and Caring for Hummingbirds

Written by Johann Erickson

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Good choices of food producing plants for hummingbirds includes such trees or bushes as Azaleas, Mimosa, Weigela, Cape Honeysuckle and Flowering Quince. Another semi-permanent attraction is a perennial bed with Bee Balm, Columbine, Lupine, Coral Bells and Canna. You can also plant a wide range of annuals like Fuschia, Impatiens, Petunias and Firespike, but consider growing some of your own plants from seed, as many flowers that are nursery grown, tend not to have as much nectar. Hummers will be overjoyed to discover this bonanza of blooms, andrepparttar tiny bugs that constituterepparttar 139201 protein source of their diet.

To make sure you enjoy these little feathered friends forrepparttar 139202 whole season, hang some hummingbird feeders around your patio or gardens. But make sure there is a bit of distance between them, to avoidrepparttar 139203 squabbles, which can be quite a sight!

Because hummers are attracted to red flowers, youíll find many ofrepparttar 139204 hummingbird feeders available, are also colored red. This isnít an absolute necessity, but it can be a bright spot in your garden. Andrepparttar 139205 feeders come in all kinds of charming shapes from a hanging bunch of grapes, to a giant strawberry.

Commercial powdered ďfoodĒ formula is available, but you can easily make your own by combining one part sugar to four parts water, and boiling it for two minutes, then cooling and storing inrepparttar 139206 fridge. Never use honey, which can ferment, or red dye, which can be harmful torepparttar 139207 birds.

Only fill your hummingbird feeders torepparttar 139208 one-third or halfway mark, as it would take many birds to emptyrepparttar 139209 contents, andrepparttar 139210 feeders will need cleaning every few days to preventrepparttar 139211 occurrence of mold. Wash in mild dish detergent, with no more than 10% bleach, and rinse several times. If you have mold insiderepparttar 139212 feeder, and canít reach it with a bottle brush, put some sand in withrepparttar 139213 water, and swish that back and forth, untilrepparttar 139214 mold is rubbed off.

Hummingbird Trivia
  • The hummingbird is so small, that an insect,repparttar 139215 Praying Mantis is its natural enemy.
  • They arerepparttar 139216 only bird that can hover, and fly backwards as well as straight up or down
  • Hummingbirds canít walk
  • The average life of a hummingbird is 3-4 years, although one specimen was caught in 1976 in Colorado, banded, and captured again in 1987

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