Water: The Beverage of Life

Written by Bette L. Hall CMA, NHC

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Water is a simple substance consisting of one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen. It has no calories, itís low in sodium, and contains no caffeine. Water has no fat and no cholesterol.

Every cell, tissue, and organ ofrepparttar body needs water to function. The body needs water more than it needs any other nutrient. Water isrepparttar 143487 main constituent of every bodily fluid--blood, saliva, urine, amniotic fluid (the liquid in a fetal sac), perspiration, synovial fluid, sputum, and tears. Water moistensrepparttar 143488 eyes andrepparttar 143489 tissues liningrepparttar 143490 nose and mouth.

You ask how much water is required byrepparttar 143491 human body? The American Dietetic Association recommends 8-12 cups of water daily. The National Kidney Foundation says, "You should drink at least 12 to 16 cups (3 to 4 quarts or liters) of fluid throughoutrepparttar 143492 day. Most of this should be water."

I can't stress to you enoughrepparttar 143493 importance of water for a healthy diet/lifestyle. Itís one of my incredible secrets that's really no secret at all.

Writing health and weight loss articles for over twenty years, Bette has become an author in demand.

Bette is a Certified Medical Assistant and Natural Health Consultant with special studies in Nutrition. For more information on walking, hiking, running, or bicycling, visit http://www.slimmer-fitness.com

Familiarizing Yourself with Oral Chelation

Written by Mike Spencer

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In addition to marketable products, certain professions also provide exposure to lead contaminants. Among these are potters, battery makers, lab workers, welders, engravers, medical professionals and hairdressers, to name a few.

With so much emphasis being placed on good heart health today, oral chelation has become a real necessity for regular health maintenance. Even if youíre not among those who are in one ofrepparttar high-risk professions, youíre still exposed to harmful contaminants on a regular basis and should consider this as an agent for reducing arterial plaque.

Since lead and other toxic threats can berepparttar 143486 catalyst for physical and mental illnesses, EDTA should be integrated into your health program in order to ridrepparttar 143487 body of those agents which are already present, as well as to avoid any build-up inrepparttar 143488 future.

EDTA can be purchased online and in a variety of health stores or alternative medicine sections of some supermarkets and specialty shops. Those with a history of heart ailments, diabetes and other significant illnesses in their history should consult with their physician before attempting to use EDTA. Though everyone can benefit fromrepparttar 143489 removal of toxins from their body, your physician will be able to tell you whether or not it will interruptrepparttar 143490 effectiveness of any medications that you may currently be taking.

Mike Spencer has been helping people protect their health for many years. To find out how you can help protect your heart and prevent heart disease with oral chelation visit mikes site at: http://www.oral-chelation-reviews.com

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