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Written by Tracy Stanger

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Whilerepparttar hydronics technology carries most ofrepparttar 100145 momentum inrepparttar 100146 radiant heating market, Warmzone has discovered several domestic and international companies that efficiently use electricity to heat their homes and even tacklerepparttar 100147 brutal snow and ice that often plague driveways and walkways. These systems are brilliantly simple and offer amazing results withoutrepparttar 100148 maintenance and storage space that other systems require. The misconception of high operating costs is being answered through smart designs and accurate calculations that predict what these systems cost to operate. With so many options inrepparttar 100149 radiant industry, Warmzone is helping contractors and consumers makerepparttar 100150 best decision. There are pros and cons to each system andrepparttar 100151 representatives of Warmzone will suggestrepparttar 100152 best system for any project. They are not tied to any one manufacturer and will provide you withrepparttar 100153 best pricing and information available. Warmzone will sell direct and hasrepparttar 100154 means to communicate with their customers intelligently through email, phone or fax. Customers and architects are even encouraged to send their AutoCad files directly to them for accurate and individual attention to a project. For any of your current or future projects visit their website at http://www.warmzone.com or call them direct at 1-888-488-WARM.

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Spring Maintenance: Gutter Tips

Written by ThriftyFun.com

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- Remove rust with a wire brush and steel wool. Clean well. Then apply primer and paint to prevent future rusting.

Safety Tips

- Wear heavy work gloves to prevent slivers and cuts from gutters.

- Use a sturdy ladder.

- Work with a buddy anytime you work in high places.

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