Warm & Toasty Outdoors with Patio Heaters

Written by Nicholas Webb

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Modern patio heaters are:

- so safe, you needn't worry about fire - very quiet - really make having a patio or deck worthwhile

Freestanding heaters are usually about 7 feet tall and resemble a lamppost with a conical umbrella type housing on top. This helps radiate heat downwards. Some electric models are available butrepparttar majority use propane or natural gas, and these are by farrepparttar 100114 best type to consider. The gas canisters are contained inrepparttar 100115 base ofrepparttar 100116 heater.

A quality patio or garden heater will generate around 45-50,000 BTUs, and that would be enough to keep you warm when you sit anywhere within a 20-foot diameter.

Most models now come with wheels, which facilitate moving your heater from one place to another while some even come with carrying cases. When it's not in use, you can putrepparttar 100117 patio or deck heater in its carry case, or under an appropriate cover, and just wheel it away!

Many retailers are also able to offer smaller tabletop, or footstool, versions ofrepparttar 100118 freestanding models.

So, apart fromrepparttar 100119 price,repparttar 100120 main things to look out for arerepparttar 100121 BTUs and temperature controls. The rest is really just design. Choose something you like ... and prepare to enjoy more quality time outdoors.

In summary, garden or patio heaters will allow you to enjoyrepparttar 100122 outdoor life all year round.

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What is second mortgage?

Written by Ajay Pats

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For example, your loan specifies that you will payrepparttar prime rate + 5%. Ifrepparttar 100113 prime rate is currently 6.5%,repparttar 100114 interest rate on your loan will be 11.5%. The interest rates will be evaluated periodically, and ifrepparttar 100115 prime rate has changed, your interest rate will change along with it. Of course your monthly payment will also change accordingly.

A line of credit second mortgage is just that: an amount of money that you can borrow at a future date as needed. This amount is available to you all at once or in several small disbursements spread over many years.

For example, you apply for and get approved for a $50,000 line of credit (secured by a second mortgage on your home). You can borrowrepparttar 100116 entire $50,000 at one time.

Alternatively, you can wait a few months and borrow $20,000 for a new car. A few months later you can borrow $6,000 to add a room to your house. Later still, you can borrow another $3,000 to pay off a credit card bill.

So far you will have borrowed $29,000, meaning that you have $21,000 left on your line of credit that you can borrow later if you need to.


Second mortgages allow homeowners to taprepparttar 100117 equity in their homes to purchase expensive items, pay of debts, or most anything else.

Home equity loans are usually used to fund a present need while lines of credit are often established for use at some time inrepparttar 100118 future.

It is very important that you use a second mortgage wisely because if you get into financial trouble you can potentially lose your home. But if used properly, a second mortgage can help you enjoy a better lifestyle, now and inrepparttar 100119 future

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