War of the P Acnes

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

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You optimize your oil secretion by understanding and controlling your response to hormonal, nutritional, environmental and/or psychological changes.

If we upsetrepparttar balance of bacteria in our bodies by taking antibiotics, our resident flora is upset and this enables harmful bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii) to colonize on our skin. In short, using antibiotics on bacteria is a battle amongst intelligent parties involvingrepparttar 147179 bacteria,repparttar 147180 body andrepparttar 147181 human mind.

If we fail to appreciaterepparttar 147182 bacteria as bodily maintenance workers and continue dousing them with antibiotics or antibacterial soapsrepparttar 147183 bacteria just become more resistant to our antidotes. The bacteria are practiced at playing dead as a tactic for survival.

Even people who have usedrepparttar 147184 strongest acne drug onrepparttar 147185 market, Accutane, have witnessedrepparttar 147186 cunning behavior of bacteria as zits reappear some months after using this course of acne treatment.

These people have discovered that bacteria do not die; they silently and strategically multiply. If you do not want your bacteria out of balance, do not provide them an environment conducive to acne.

Itís true that bacteria have managed to wipe out entire populations of people. Now, Hollywood comforts us with knowing that even aliens will fall prey torepparttar 147187 ever-plotting or is it ever-knowing bacteria. Iíll just leave you with this thought: Is that anti-bacterial soap making p acnes smarter?

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Personal care products can lead to Cancer

Written by Anita Cherry

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Phthalates exposure through hair mousse and hair spray can cause genital abnormality. It can be absorbed intorepparttar body through skin and also through inhalation.

Propylene glycol used in hair conditioners deodorants cosmetics baby products body lotions skin care and tooth pastes and even added to human and pet food can cause eye irritation, skin irritation, headaches and nausea.

Scientist recently found paraben in breast cancer tissue. It is used as a preservative and is considered to increase oestrogen levels in women and can driverepparttar 147146 growth of breast tumors.

Methylisothiazolinone ĖM.I.T found in anti microbial soap, shampoo and other personal care products can cause nerve damage. It is chemically identical to Agent Orange used in Vietnam War.

SLS- Sodium laureth sulphate found in shampoos, toothpaste, gels, and cleaners used as a foaming agent can cause permanent impairment of eyes and corrodes hair follicles and impairsrepparttar 147147 ability to grow hair.

These are some ofrepparttar 147148 harmful chemicals added to our personal care products. There are much more chemicals added to these products and scientists are discovering more chemicals to be harmful. Even many ofrepparttar 147149 so called natural and organic products have these harmful chemicals added to them. Try to use chemical free and organic products

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