War in Iraq, Not Sunday School

Written by Gary Revel

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Too often our troops are ordered to wait until they receive fire from our enemies before they can defend themselves in war. Onrepparttar face of it this handicaps our troops from winning at war. Enemies that have gone to war againstrepparttar 125451 United States are enemies. Their deaths and destruction of their cities should be a given. The treatment of their captured is of no consequence as long as we get information that saves American lives and prevents destruction of our cities.

Wake up people. We are at war with an enemy who even now is planningrepparttar 125452 bombing of major American cities with millions being killed andrepparttar 125453 killing and mutilation of Americans all overrepparttar 125454 world. You cannot play Sunday school with these people if you want to survive. Letrepparttar 125455 military do whatever it needs to do to win this war. Don't punish soldiers for doing what they believe is their job inrepparttar 125456 part they play to win this war. When we train people to kill our enemies and put their lives at risk in a foreign country to dorepparttar 125457 job it is too late to ask them to be nice. That is how you lose a war not how you win.

(Gary Revel Editorial Carried by World News)

Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells some of his story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Top Ten Telephone Tips

Written by David McDonough

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ALWAYS VERIFY Read your monthly telephone bills closely. Mistakes happen. If you suspect one, call your long distance telephone provider and ask for an explanation.

KNOW YOUR "10-10" CODES - Be familiar withrepparttar specific telephone calling plans offered by long distance dial-around providers. Each has restrictions that definerepparttar 125450 service. Make sure you understand those restrictions before you make a long distance telephone call.

IS IT TIME TO GO WIRELESS? - The wireless phone industry has matured very quickly, andrepparttar 125451 wireless phone companies are offering various telephone service plans that may be right for you.

Bonus Tips for Those Who Make a Low Number of Calls As with all purchases, readrepparttar 125452 fine print and make sure thatrepparttar 125453 plan you choose is a "good fit." Specifically, look at:

If you only make a few residenatial long distance telephone calls a month, consider not subscribing to a long distance telephone carrier and using only long distance 10-10 numbers or a long distance calling card.

Look for a long distance telephone carrier with no monthly fee and low per minute charges. Some long distance calling plans are beneficial too.

If you decide not to subscribe to a long distance telephone carrier, call your local phone company and tell them you do not want to subscribe to any long distance telephone provider.

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