War Declared On Instant Messenger: How to Stop Your Child from Wasting Their Life Away Online

Written by Christopher Pizzo M.Ed.

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The internet is a great tool, especially when it comes to education and homework. Inrepparttar future we can expect to see an even greater merger of it with our every day lives. However, right now it’srepparttar 109394 great stealer of time. Getting sidetracked is very easy, (as some of you might know) and withrepparttar 109395 media induced, shortened attention spans of our children, whole young lives could waste away online. Teach your kids to userepparttar 109396 Internet and Instant Messaging as intended. Sometimes we use it for work; sometimes we use it for play. Just be sure your kids knowrepparttar 109397 difference betweenrepparttar 109398 two.


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Chris Pizzo is the President of Noble Learning Systems Inc. and the developer of the NEW “Amazing Homework Motivator” program.

ORHAN ARI -a School Teacher's Mark on Educational History, Teaching, Social Culture

Written by eao uk

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He was a true and courageous leader of both pupils and peoples ~his extraordinary motivating skills had made him a choice ofrepparttar British forrepparttar 109393 pioneering educational and socio-cultural development of many ofrepparttar 109394 country’s peoples, and popular in bothrepparttar 109395 Turkish and Greek communities –having taught at also British schools pupils varying from Armenian to English etc., also after political independence, while later inrepparttar 109396 course of his community’s adapting torepparttar 109397 Turkish system of education (as may be suggested by some of his symbolic poems) he appears to have been officially perhaps less appreciated, upon his peacefully passing away –as a cleric of a couple of years in his retirement to make ends meet,repparttar 109398 press having praised also his patriotism,repparttar 109399 Leader ofrepparttar 109400 Parliament ofrepparttar 109401 Turkish Republic of North Cyprus described him as having made bothrepparttar 109402 state andrepparttar 109403 nation proud as “A successful modern educator.. who will be, with love and respect, remembered always...”

Acknowledging his wife Suzan Ari (whose own death brought condolences from as far away as Canada -from university teaching staff) as his great helper, with a sense of duty as in his verses, he always pursued idealism:-

“Since to mourn and to remember us there is someone That’s what counts –we can assume our duty to’ve done”

After his death a street was named after O S Ari in Marmara district Nicosia Cyprus

The author's authority is based on the various writings in Turkish, Greek, English, of book authors and newspaper reporters and columnists and poets on the late theacher and thinker Orhan Seyfi Ari

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