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Written by Ana Hamid

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Licensing 101

Written by John Calder

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It should be noted that some publishers require continual licensing fees from third-party sales. When you acquire electronic reprints rights, you do not necessarily get a “one off” license to reprintrepparttar same way you do inrepparttar 108364 internet marketing world. Many publishers classify one time fee rights acquisition as “Direct Marketing Rights”. Yet, those rights extend only to tangible books. You’ll need to negotiate a special case if you want to avoid perpetual licensing fees, assumingrepparttar 108365 publisher holdsrepparttar 108366 subsidiary rights. However, ifrepparttar 108367 author retains those rights, you may be able to work out a joint venture.

Who to Talk To

Typically, your first contact will be withrepparttar 108368 publisher. Visitrepparttar 108369 publisher’s website and look forrepparttar 108370 contact information forrepparttar 108371 “Subsidiary Rights Department” (This isrepparttar 108372 common department name. In some cases, you may need to search for variations like “Rights and Acquisition” or “Acquisition and Licensing”).

In other cases, authors may negotiate rights through their agents or their publisher may outsource licensing issues to third-party agencies. Again,repparttar 108373 publisher should be able to direct you in either case.

Resources to Get You Started

Subsidiary licensing does involve more negotiation and more legal responsibility than an average resale rights venture. Ultimately, you may need to hire an attorney to assist in contract negotiations on third party rights. Meanwhile, familiarize yourself with these resources for comprehensive information on rights acquisition as it pertains torepparttar 108374 publishing industry:

PubLaw – a legal perspective

Writer’s Services – an author’s perspective

Communication Creativity – a marketer’s perspective (educational video tape)

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