Want to be a better parent?

Written by Kenia Morales

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Ask parents with more experience. They may not have allrepparttar answers but, they can offer helpful advice that was acquired through time and practice.

If you believe that you do not handle your frustrations effectively then it would be good to take anger or stress management classes. This way you can learn how to be more patient with your kids and reducerepparttar 143020 chances of becoming abusive.

If you would like to enhance your parenting skills go torepparttar 143021 Center for Improving Child Caring http://www.ciccparenting.org/cicc_fpcs_13.asp they offer free classes in most states, free childcare is available while you are in class.

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Honoring our Fathers

Written by Peggy Porter

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For those of us who have been blessed to grow up with fathers in our lives, we are aware ofrepparttar many roles they do play in our lifetime. They are a teacher from whom you learn many of your most important lessons. A coach who is always cheering for you no matter how good you are. Strong arms to pick you up when you fall or hug you for no reason at all. Fathers let you do things that mothers are to afraid to let you try. They arerepparttar 142957 voice of reason when you are attempting to solve one of lifeís many problems. They arerepparttar 142958 voice of support and love when your heart has been just broken andrepparttar 142959 protector who vows no one will ever break your heart again.

This weekend takerepparttar 142960 opportunity to tellrepparttar 142961 fathers in your life just how important they are and how you appreciate them. Say a prayer for those families who do not have their fathers with them for whatever reason. Make Fatherís Day a time to remember what is really important in this lifetime and when you nurture each other, everyone benefits.

Peggy Porter is a nurse, Wellness Coach, and author of YumME MumME Makeover-How to Balance Womanhood and Motherhood by Nurturing the Me in MumMe. If you are a Mom and want to start creating a healthier balance in your life, go to www.seekingbalance.ca and register for Peggy's free monthly teleclass and Ecourse! For more info you can also email peggy@seekingbalance.ca or call 506-832-0117.

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