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Written by Judy Cullins

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7. Let go of most adverbs. Words like very, suddenly, and sparingly, tell instead of show. Use adverbs only at Christmas shows how often.

8. Let go of adjectives. Instead of a super-intelligent person, you can say a genius.

9. Appeal torepparttar senses of sight, sound, and emotions. Telling is not a effective. Instead of "Buy this book today because it is so useful," say, "Would you like to double, even quadruple your Online income in three months?" Use a question like this on your Web site home page as a link. Where to? A benefit driven sales letter about your product!

10. Cut redundancies. Don't talk down to your reader with too much repetition. Be willing to part with your "precious" words. The first edit usually reducesrepparttar 124282 words by 1/4 to 1/3.

11. Don't use pompous words. Userepparttar 124283 shortest, most well- known word. Instead of "utilize," try "use." The more syllables in a word,repparttar 124284 harder to getrepparttar 124285 point fast.

12. Keeprepparttar 124286 subject and verb as close together as possible. Don't make your reader work to getrepparttar 124287 meaning.

13. Userepparttar 124288 present or past tense ofrepparttar 124289 verb form. Instead of she is singing, say she sings or she sang.

14. To emphasize or dramatize, put your point atrepparttar 124290 end of a sentence,repparttar 124291 end of a paragraph, orrepparttar 124292 end of a chapter. These positions hookrepparttar 124293 reader to keep going.

13. Cut cliches. Once, original metaphors, clich├ęs age and become trite. Instead of "Birds of a Feather Flock Together," you can say, "Birds of a Feather Need to Fly Away From Each Other."

Keep your conclusions short. Sum up a few points and repeat a top benefit.

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Ezine Promotion, The Three Forgotten Tactics

Written by Peter Murphy

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Give first and you will be amazed at how receptive people are to working with you for mutual gain. You will immediately stand out fromrepparttar crowd in a world where so many people always wants something without any consideration forrepparttar 124281 needs ofrepparttar 124282 other person.

3 Use information as a bonus:

Write an ebook or ecourse with genuinely useful information and offer it to other ezine publishers. Let them use it as a special bonus to keep their existing subscribers coming back for more. They will also benefit from referrals when their readers pass onrepparttar 124283 newsletter to friends so that they too can read your ebook or ecourse.

Too many ezines are short on great articles they can use. There are plenty of articles available out there but very few high quality ones that you will use in your own ezine.

The same applies when ezine authors want to offer incentives to encourage their readers to buy their own information products. If you give publishers a high quality ebook or ecourse that they can bundle with their information product you will get your message out to a lot of people and very quickly.

These tactics could help you to build your ezine in ways you never considered before now. Test them for yourself and enjoy new success with your ezine.

Peter Murphy is a writer and ezine publisher. He has a number of information products that you are welcome to use to promote your ezine. For details send mailto:3infoproducts@sendfree.com

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