Want Healthy glowing skin?

Written by Kenia Morales

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Get rid off dead skin cells; exfoliate regularly at least once a week.

Maintain a cleansing routine- remove makeup daily (do not wash more than two times a day), and get a facial every 7-10 days.

Exercise regularly, to reduce stress and brings more oxygen to your skin resulting in firmer and nourished skin.

Maintain a healthy diet, eat foods rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B this include fruits, vegetables, fish, liver. Take supplements if necessary.

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Finding the Right Foundation For Your Skin

Written by Tara Grant

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Example: If you find a shade that is almost your skins natural color, but it is to dark, try to mix that with a lighter shade, until you getrepparttar desired color. If you don't haverepparttar 130527 time to go foundation hunting, there are several companies that offer free samples. Try contacting a Mary Kay or Avon rep to see if she can offer you some samples.

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