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Written by Steven Damron

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sales channels will achieve higher efficiencies and allow even lower pricing making it harder and harder initially for non-RFID-enabled low-volume channels to compete with high volume RFID-enabled channels. However, as RFID prices drop and RFID penetrates,repparttar cost of RFID-infrastructures will drop andrepparttar 133397 cost-benefit equation for deployment of RFID in low volume channels should turn positive. Then there isrepparttar 133398 possibility of new businesses starting that providerepparttar 133399 RFID infrastructures to low-volume channels in return for data rights. This business probably looks similar torepparttar 133400 Sitemeter that I currently have enabled on this site, tracking traffic flow and providing detailed analysis ofrepparttar 133401 traffic flow for a price.

For now, though, rest easy. The economics say RFID is inevitable, but evenrepparttar 133402 Internet took a few years to really take hold.

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Written by Bob Kirkpatrick

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Wind Wireless uses Mikrotik routers exclusively throughout their ISP. “We don’t have Cisco anymore,” reports Wind President Chuck Myers. “You spend a lot and then find you still don’t haverepparttar capabilities we’re getting from Mikrotik.”

The Wind Wireless service uses 21 Mikrotik access point transmitters to provide coverage, offering speeds of up to 4 megabits per second. Usingrepparttar 133396 2.4-gigahertz license free band,repparttar 133397 system is free of charge for all to use. Wind Wireless also distributes and supports Mikrotik equipment. Since 1989, Wind Wireless, Inc. has provided consulting and web design, wired and wireless equipment, and turnkey systems to individuals, businesses and governments nationwide. For more information visitrepparttar 133398 company’s websites at and


Bob Kirkpatrick is the Chief of Technology at Wind Wireless, Inc. networking pioneers since 1989, Wind Wireless, Inc. provides consulting and web design, wired and wireless equipment, and turnkey systems to individuals, businesses and government.

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