Walmart Scammers Caught

Written by dDawg

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According to local reports, police only uncoveredrepparttar scam after an informant told them aboutrepparttar 105798 sale of Wal-Mart gift cards valued at a quarter of their face value by a person matching Laura Howerton's description. Police say further charges againstrepparttar 105799 four suspects and arrests of other are both likely.

The four arrested people are due to appear in court later today facing charges of theft punishable by up 20 years imprisonment.

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They're Phishing Your Identity Online

Written by Steve Dimeck

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Message Labs, a security company, reported that they have intercepted more than 18 million phishing emails duringrepparttar course of 2004; a trend that Message Labs expects to continue in 2005.

I spent 3 full weeks putting togetherrepparttar 105797 most in depth report on phishing. The report covers what phishing is, how do hackers use it to steal your financial information, how can you avoid becoming a victim, how can you protect yourself, and even if you've been a victim of an Identity Theft; you have allrepparttar 105798 needed information to stoprepparttar 105799 hackers from ruining your life.

Also, read horror stories fromrepparttar 105800 victims.

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