Wal-Mart: Discount Store, Discounted Stock?

Written by Dr. Charlie Tian

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Is Wal-Mart a good buy? It is certainly a much better buy than it was 5 years ago, whenrepparttar stock was priced at $70 and a price/earnings ratio of 55. Duringrepparttar 150781 last 5 years Wal-Mart’s earnings have doubled, butrepparttar 150782 stock has fallen to $49, giving it a P/E of 18.

This is what Bill Nygren has to say about Wal-Mart’s P/E ratio: “That’srepparttar 150783 same earnings multiple asrepparttar 150784 market average, that only makes sense if you think Wal-Mart is an average company.” And he doesn’t. Wal-Mart is rapidly gaining market share in its grocery business, and profit margins for its Sam’s Club are improving. Bill Nygren also likes Wal-Mart’s share-repurchasing plan: “We expect to see an increase in share price on a decreasing share base,” he says. “And obviously,repparttar 150785 company believes thatrepparttar 150786 stock at this price is an attractive investment.”

Going to Wal-Mart for its “Everyday Low Prices”? Check if its stock is also low priced!

Source: http://www.gurufocus.com/

Dr. Charlie Tian, Director of Research of http://gurufocus.com, the website that tracks the stock picks of Warren Buffett, George Soros and other guru investors like Bill Nygren, Mason Hawkins, Ken Fisher, David Dreman, Martin Whitman, James Gipson, Robert Rodriguez, Ronald Muhlenkamp, Wallace Weitz, William, Ruane, Edward Lampert, Edward Owens, Richard Aster, Jr, Robert Olstein, John Keeley, Brian Rogers and Tweedy, Browne.

Buying a Home with Zero Down Payment in Irvine, CA

Written by Vincent Bindi

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We are sometimes asked if you can buy a home with no money at all. The answer is no under most circumstances. Even thoughtrepparttar down payment is zero, there are sill some closing costs. Closing costs are typically comprised of loan origination fees, loan processing fees, possibly loan points, Appraisal fee, ALTA title policy, and escrow fee. But there are other options. We can sometimes negotiate withrepparttar 150780 seller ofrepparttar 150781 home to pay for a large part of your closing costs. Our best result to date, is we helped a buyer purchase a Condo in Irvine and their total out of pocket cash expense was $795! The buyer was a single woman, who was a first time buyer, using a zero down loan that we found for her, and her credit was average. We were able to convincerepparttar 150782 seller into paying for all of her closing costs except for $795. That home owner now has over $50,000 equity in her home which she can keep tax free if she were to sell that home today!

To learn more about buying a home in Irvine with Zero or low down payment, visit: http://www.Search-OCHomes.com. Mr. Bindi is a Real Estate Broker with Keller-Williams Realty and has been selling real estate since 1989. Mr. Bindi has sold over 800 homes in his career and specializes in working with home buyers throughout south Orange County CA. To search the MLS for Homes for sale at: http://www.Search-OCHomes.com

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