Wake up Webbie! WAP is Here!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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As an end-user, WAP now allows you easy and secure access to relevant content and other services through your mobile phones or other wireless device. But, by increasing your existing Internet skills and knowledge you haverepparttar opportunity to create new products, increase your customer base, build new alliances and venture partnerships branded just forrepparttar 133599 wireless industry.

Evenrepparttar 133600 domain names are going fast. I myself have purchased such names as WMLDesigner.com and WMLMasters.com, as I'm sure some of you have already obtained a few yourselves. A friend and reader, Trevor Mayes of has purchased names like WapCard.uk.com and Wap-Card.uk.com. Although many have been purchased in a relatively short time (Wap.com only purchased on 20-Jan-2000 by a company from Oslo), I'm sure that many are still available.

Rather than to impossibly try to provide you with allrepparttar 133601 information you may need in this one small article, I'll give you some links to get you started in discoveringrepparttar 133602 possibilities that await you in this new and exciting arena of information exchange.

Wireless Technologies are here and waiting for you to take advantage of them!

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Online while in the woods! Fiction, future or reality?

Written by Lisa Schmeckpeper

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With my Web phone I can connect myself quickly and without bothering my client. And my ability to connect so quickly and easily makes a VERY good impression on evenrepparttar most reluctant potential client! After I'm done they all want to know how I "did that"! I had one client take a sour look at his own cellular phone and toss it across his desk. "Another 18 months on that contract but I don't care. I'm getting one of these," he said as he admired my Sprint PCS setup.

There must be dozens of circumstances where almost anyone doing business onrepparttar 133598 Net could benefit from a Sprint PCS phone and Web Connectivity Kit. Some I've mentioned here from my own experience, and other circumstances may be unique to your own business or situation. Whether you have been thinking of getting a wireless connection for some time or you are just learning that itís possible today, don't let a fear ofrepparttar 133599 technology stop you. As I've said before, this is almost "dummy proof" to set up, and connecting torepparttar 133600 Net is really as simple as anything you may be using currently.

The cost involved isn't that bad either, unless you don't already have a laptop. I can't imagine lugging that faithful old Gateway CPU and 21-inch monitor off torepparttar 133601 park. Besides, where would your desktop power plug go, unless you have a 16-mile-long extension cord. No, a laptop is pretty much a requirement, to use this neat new technology while you also enjoy fresh air and life outsiderepparttar 133602 cubicle.

In addition torepparttar 133603 laptop, all you will need is a Sprint PCS Wireless Web phone andrepparttar 133604 Connectivity Kit. No, a regular PCS phone or a PrimeCo phone won't work. The phone HAS to be a Sprint "Web ready" phone in order to be able to receive data.

I spent about $175 on my phone andrepparttar 133605 Web Connectivity kit was just $99. The kit includesrepparttar 133606 cable you need to connect your phone to your laptop, a setup manual, a CD withrepparttar 133607 software you need, and a cable adapter for connecting handheld and palm-sized computers.

Onrepparttar 133608 Sprint site there is a four-step tour that explains just how easy it is to set up and use. Have a look around and see for yourself. Just click onrepparttar 133609 Wireless data link and takerepparttar 133610 tour:


So if you're like me and want a little freedom this summer, without abandoning your clients, or you'd just like to make your job a little easier, indoors or out, I definitely recommend getting connected with a Wireless Web phone. I haven't regretted it for a minute, and I may even have to apply a little sun screen lotion while Iím working with my clients this summer!

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