Wake Up Baby Boomers Ė Thereís Still Time

Written by Dave Kendrick

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Studies show that over 90% of North Americans will be living at or belowrepparttar poverty line byrepparttar 135568 time they reach retirement age.

Are you faced withrepparttar 135569 prospect of becoming one of these statistics?

So, youíre probably wondering what Iím trying to get at here.

Remember what I said about having powerful tools like computers andrepparttar 135570 Internet at our disposal? And yes, itís true, never before has it been more possible to start your own home business. Make a resolution today to look into starting your own home business. If you have already started, then congratulations! But you too should resolve to stick at it and follow it through to success.

If you donít know much about computers Ė learn. If you donít knowrepparttar 135571 first thing about marketing Ė learn. Building a successful home business all begins with education. Learnrepparttar 135572 skills you need to gradually build your business. The Internet is FULL of information that will help you. And most of it is free!

Yes, itís hard work to get things going and you will get frustrated at times. But itís also a lot of fun. Compare this torepparttar 135573 job you are doing now. If you are like me, then Iím willing to bet there is no comparison!

I just realized as I was writing this article that I aimed it at Baby Boomers as I am one myself. However,repparttar 135574 same holds true for any age group. Itís never too late or too early to change direction in life. You just have to makerepparttar 135575 decision to improve your lot and then commit to it.

Sorepparttar 135576 choice is yours. And it should be clear. Do you know which path you will follow? Do you know what my next move is?


Dave Kendrick publishes a monthly newsletter "The Cruise Marketing DigestĒ His newsletter, like his articles aim to give advice and encouragement to people new (and not so new) to Internet Marketing.

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Business Career, Executive Coaching Article - The Top 10 Tips to Begin the Practice of Positive Affirmations

Written by Ruth Zanes

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5. Practice. Teaching our inner voice to speak well to us takes some practice. For most people it is an under developed muscle. Practice and your affirming voice will become stronger.

6. Clear vision. Hold a clear vision of what is possible for you in your life. Picture yourself absorbingrepparttar positive affirmations as they become a part of you.

7. Write it down. Writing downrepparttar 135510 positive affirmations helps your mind rememberrepparttar 135511 new statements.

8. Repeat them often. Repetition facilitates learning. The more often you say positive affirmationsrepparttar 135512 more they become a part of you.

9. Make them fun. Enjoy yourself with them. Laugh and hold out a sense of lightness.

10. Remember to be gentle. Remember thatrepparttar 135513 more you nourish and cherish yourselfrepparttar 135514 better able you are to live a life you love. Be patient and loving as you learn something new.

Ruth Zanes has been a Business, Career and Personal Success Coach since 1985. Her broad range of experience prior to coaching includes consultant, business ownership and corporate executive for some of the world’s largest corporations. Contact Ruth at: http://www.unlimitedresourcesinc.com

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