Waiting For The Cut

Written by Robert Levin

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STEVE: Listen to me. Let me tell you this. The first haircut he gave meówhen I was workingrepparttar lights for a music thing inrepparttar 118173 little park aroundrepparttar 118174 corner and needed a quick trim. It was strange because I asked him for just a simple trim and at first thatís all that I thought I got, you know? There was nothing noticeably out ofrepparttar 118175 ordinary. If anything, it seemed a little onrepparttar 118176 flat side.

HAROLD: Right. But after you washed itóand probably factoring in certain favorable atmospheric conditions...

STEVE: No. Yeahómaybe something like that. I donít know what it was, what he did, and whenever I bring it up he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

HAROLD: When was this exactly?

STEVE: 2000.

HAROLD: 2000? Thatís four years back inrepparttar 118177 dank and murky pastóthatís back when you were with Beth,repparttar 118178 lost love of your wretched, woebegone life.

STEVE: Actually it wasrepparttar 118179 day before I met Beth.

HAROLD: [Startled.] He gave you a haircutrepparttar 118180 day before you met Beth?

STEVE: [Looks at HAROLD squarely. Nods.]

HAROLD: [Stares back at STEVE. Then abruptly turns away from him; walks a few steps off; stops; comes back.] Let me have one of those.

[STEVE gives HAROLD a cigarette, takes another one himself; lights them both.]

HAROLD: If heís not here yet heís not comingówe know that, donít we?

STEVE: Yeah...I guess.

HAROLD: [Turns away again. Turns back.] Actually...

STEVE: What?

HAROLD: I was thinking that he could be coming. I mean thereís a chance that he stumbled into a serious crisis situation on his way here, you know? Itís possible that he was called upon to administer multiple emergency mullets and buzz cuts and shit, and he could have every intention of showing up when heís done.

STEVE: This is weird. I was just thinkingrepparttar 118181 very same thing.

HAROLD: [Motions toward STEVEís watch.] How much time did you...?

STEVE: [Looks at his watch.] Twelve minutes now.

HAROLD: Considering thatrepparttar 118182 disaster he may be dealing with could have a heart-breaking size and scale, heíll likely need more than just another twelve minutes.

STEVE: A disaster ofrepparttar 118183 magnitude weíre talking about...Yeah, Iíd say he...

HAROLD: What I think is that, underrepparttar 118184 conceivable circumstances, we should go another roundógive him another full hour.

STEVE: [Taken aback. Emits a quick laugh.]

HAROLD: Hey, another hourís not unreasonable, manónot underrepparttar 118185 conceivable circumstances.

STEVE: [Holds up his hand.] No. You're right. Absolutely. Another hourís more than reasonable. [Looks at Harold with a suddenly pensive expression. Says softlyÖ] You're on my page now.

HAROLD: And, if you think about it, man, underrepparttar 118186 conceivable circumstances we owe him that much, donít we? Underrepparttar 118187 conceivable circumstances it BEHOOVES us to give him another hour.

STEVE: [Looks at HAROLD with mock admiration.] Thatís very good. Shit, I could learn a lot about living from you.

HAROLD: It's not like we even have any respectable options here.

STEVE: I canít think of any.

HAROLD: Then weíre doing itóweíre doing another hour?

STEVE: I don't think we could live with ourselves if we didnít. [Looks at his watch.] Make that sixty minutes. [Squints downrepparttar 118188 block. Looks at this watch again. Purses his lips. Grimaces.] Exactly sixty minutes.

HAROLD: [Sits on his haunches. Wipes his face with his handkerchief. Thinks aloud.] Yeah, another hour. Who knows? That might do it. That might be just whatrepparttar 118189 prick needs us to give him.


Former contributor to The Village Voice and Rolling Stone. Coauthor and coeditor, respectively, of two collections of essays about jazz and rock in the '60s: 'Music & Politics" and "Giants of Black Music."

Top 10 Reasons Why Conservatives Love George W. Bush

Written by Peggy Butler

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5. His Moral Fiber. Oh man what a saint. Besides doing a ďlittle drinkingĒ in his youth, this guy is so morally pure I want to tellrepparttar whole world. I bet you wonít catch an intern kissing this president Besides, heís too busy extolling his role asrepparttar 118172 ďwar president.Ē Ah, why canít we all be this perfect?

4. His intelligence. Honestly, have we ever had a commander-in-chief who was so smart? Hey, can you spell dummylicious? pronounced dum-e-lish-ous. Donít worry he canít either.

3. Compassion. He has it in droves, especially when targeting special interest groups and organizations. For example, laudingrepparttar 118173 immorality of same sex marriage to secure his conservative voter base. Thatís right George, when your administration fails to scare everyone with its vague terrorist threat alerts,repparttar 118174 next step is to playrepparttar 118175 family values card. The president is probably thinking, if I canít scarerepparttar 118176 American people into re-electing me by raisingrepparttar 118177 terrorist alert when it suits me, I will remind them about those men and women who get a thrill out of drilling each other instead ofrepparttar 118178 opposite sex. We humorists call such behaviorrepparttar 118179 incorrigible jabs of a real GIRLIE MAN.

2. Honesty: Oh how can I say it? Let me countrepparttar 118180 ways. I would love to but time doesnít permit me to engage in such fantasies.

1. Major Insomnia Reliever: Within seconds after seeing or hearingrepparttar 118181 president, I quickly fall asleep. So who needs overrepparttar 118182 counter sleep aids when George W. Bush is available? According to sources who requested anonymity,repparttar 118183 president is so boring, he would make a dead man rise from his grave. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ! And there you have it, 10 reasons why conservatives love George W. Bush. And if you canít figure outrepparttar 118184 logic behind this commentary you are truly an admirer. So, what does that say about you?

A freelance writer since 1989, Butler has written for various magazines and Internet publications including Impact Press, Africana.com., TimBook Tu, and The Black World Today. Moreover, Butler who lists collecting 60s memorabilia among her hobbies, writes news, features, sports and entertainment articles, as well as commentaries and humor pieces.

Currently, she is a contributor for theblackmarket.com

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