Waiting For Synchronicity

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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The result of all of this scheduling and mental gyration is that we don’t have any room in our lives for synchronicity. We have literally left not evenrepparttar smallest crack through whichrepparttar 122346 Universe can squeeze through that which we’ve asked for – and we wonder whyrepparttar 122347 Universe doesn’t deliver!!

Manifestation, contrary to popular belief, is neither a totally active sort of thing nor a totally passive waiting. It is an active anticipation of what’s to come, a joyful expectation accompanied by inspired activity. In manifestation, you get a boost of anticipation followed by inspired ideas, followed by joyful activity, followed by yet more anticipation.

It’s like walking a winding, hilly trail. When you’re atrepparttar 122348 bottom of a hill, all you can see isrepparttar 122349 top ofrepparttar 122350 next hill or curve – and you anticipate what you might see atrepparttar 122351 top. You’re so excited by what you might see, that you take action and walk up there. Once there, you see a magnificent view, and alsorepparttar 122352 next phase ofrepparttar 122353 trail. This leads to more anticipation drawing you forward, more action and more pleasure. You see, it is an active participation in life of all your senses – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – with appreciation and pause regularly interspersed.

If it seems likerepparttar 122354 Universe isn’t delivering what you’ve asked for, you might not be leaving enough room in your life to let it in. To create some room, take one day a week, if possible, and schedule nothing. Let that day be a blank canvas on whichrepparttar 122355 Universe can paint its perfect synchrony. If you can’t take a full day, take at least a few hours for yourself every week and see what magic unfolds! Enjoy!

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (http://www.shamanschool.com), helps clients use magical and shamanic techniques to manifest their desires. Stephanie has created several online and video classes to make this information more accessible. She also helps others learn to create abundant health and wealth with spiritual and practical resources through her site, Prosperity Abounds (http://www.prosperity-abounds.com).


Written by Louise Morganti Kaelin

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No matter how I tried to finishrepparttar sentence, I kept coming back to that simple word, all by itself, no qualifiers.

No qualifiers? Just allow everything and everyone? But some of those people and things are a little crazy. Do I allow them to be crazy? Well, why not? For some reason that I can't understand, they have chosen to be crazy. It needn't affect me, not if I can understand there is a lesson in craziness for them. I have my own lessons and I know I would like others to allow me to learn those lessons repparttar 122345 way I need to learn them,repparttar 122346 way that I will learn them.

Allowing includes allowing me to be me. And by allowing myselfrepparttar 122347 full range of human emotions, by being a person who loves, gets angry, knows joy, feels resentment, cries, feels tired, experiences satisfaction, in fact by feeling every emotion and admitting (and therefore owning) that emotion, then I can be a 'perfect' human being. For that whole range of emotions is part ofrepparttar 122348 human experience, and keeping those 'unacceptable' (by whom?) feelings bottled up, I'm only short-changing myself.

And I've noticed that people who never allow themselves to get angry are really always angry,repparttar 122349 proverbial fire keg ready to explode. Yet how many times have I noticed that 'getting it out of my system', through yelling or tears, does actually that, it gets that feeling out of my system! Experiencingrepparttar 122350 feeling isn't bad, it's living it, staying in that negative mood that's unhealthy.

And allowing ourselves to feel, really feel,repparttar 122351 emotion we're experiencing is what living inrepparttar 122352 moment is all about. Yet there's a big difference between living inrepparttar 122353 moment and living forrepparttar 122354 moment. There's no sense of purpose in living for, while living in allows us to take all repparttar 122355 information we need from this moment, whether it be joyful or sad, and bring it into our next moment.

I found myself worrying about staying inrepparttar 122356 moment, worrying that I wouldn't 'move on' with my life. Butrepparttar 122357 more experience I get at living inrepparttar 122358 moment, I find that I make better, more informed decisions about whatrepparttar 122359 next moment will be. Better decisions than when I spend all of this moment worrying about what happened yesterday or what's going to happen inrepparttar 122360 future.

And moments are controllable! When I live inrepparttar 122361 moment,repparttar 122362 decision to stay, or move on, is definitely something that is in my hands -- and moments I can handle. Yet each moment is a forever, when we are truly in it. Learning to allow and to live inrepparttar 122363 moment is, I'm finding, anything but simple. Or perhaps I should say it's incredibly simple, just not easy!

It's hard to breakrepparttar 122364 old habits of fear and guilt, but repparttar 122365 more I can do that,repparttar 122366 more assured I am that that's repparttar 122367 way I want to live. How do you start? By noticing where your attention is at any given moment. For example, this moment, right now, is about reading this article. If you can remember what I've written,repparttar 122368 essence of it, then you're living inrepparttar 122369 moment. If you can't, then take a deep breath and read it again. Then check in. Do you rememberrepparttar 122370 gist now? Congratulations! And welcome torepparttar 122371 moment!

(c) Louise Morganti Kaelin. Louise is a Life Success Coach who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support). Find many free resources to assist you in living the life of your dreams at http://www.touchpointcoaching.com For her free newsletter of insightful, practical suggestions for creating your best life, email mailto:on-536@ezezine.com

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